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Hyderabad will soon have its first Animal sanctuary and thanks to each one of you who donate:

Work done so far:
- Borewell
-land levelled and fenced completely
-made a clinic and a roam for caretaker
- 34 specious enclosures built for dogs
-Motor and shed

Funding required for:

  • To Build cattery (for abandoned and injured cats)
  •  aviary ( for injured birds)
  • And a bigger shed for larger animals (for injured and abandoned larger animals like cows, horses etc.)
  • To buy an Ambulance

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  • 1.            Journey so far
  • 2.            Vision
  • 3.            Mission
  • 4.            Objectives
  • 5.            Scope of Work
  • 6.            Activities of Animal Sanctuary
  • 7.            About the NGO – A Place to Bark
  • 8.            About the Vision & Founder – Zabi Khan
Journey So far:
Footprints  Our efforts for harmonious existence 
500+Dogs rescued
3000+Dogs rehabilitated
3000+Dog lovers registered
72Other Animals rescued
1000+Donors through crowd funding
Endeavour to build an environment of peaceful coexistence with Nature and harness the powers of healing in our lives through human emotions of care, love compassion and safety.

Creating an Animal Sanctuary which can be the most creative platform to engage like-minded people to build a strong support network and through them develop awareness, qualities, skills and tools to rescue, rehabilitate, re-home, re-new our relationship with animals.

  • To build a safe and well equipped place with state of art technology to carry out the mission of the Animal Sanctuary
  • To build Talent for the Animal Sanctuary which will have attitude and Skills to engage in such work in true spirit and deed
  • To build a Center of Excellence for social entrepreneurs,  social workers and service volunteers and NGO working in the area of Animal Protection and compassionate coexistence with fellow creatures
  • To build strong lobby to get Government support for the initiatives. To collaborate with the Government in building systems to support the shared vision of Animal Welfare
Scope of work:
Abused and abandoned Animals in city of Hyderabad.
Activities of the Animal Sanctuary:
  • Rescuing abandoned and abused animals
  • Providing Medical assistance to injured animals
  • Rehabilitation and Retraining
  • Adoption
  • Rehoming retired Army dogs
  • Helping police to carry out their duty by fostering seized animals 
  • Creating awareness in Schools, colleges and orphanages
  • Sending food to animals in areas hit by natural calamities
  • Capacity building of Individuals and Organization in related interest areas
About the NGO – A Place to Bark
The NGO “A Place to Bark” (APTB) was formed in the year 2014. It is registered under the Societies Registration Act of 2001. Its founder and Director is by Mr. Md. Zabi Khan. The organization main work is to rescue and rehabilitate injured, abandoned and abused animals.
About the Visionary and Founder of the NGO – Md. Zabi Khan”
Md. Zabi Khan is a legendary teen of 21 years who is the founder of the NGO “A Place to Bark”. Now his vision is to start the first Animal Sanctuary in Telangana.
Considered as a Messiah of animals he has rescued over +500 animals and helped find a home to over +3000 of them.
He has to his credit many awards and honours, the prominent among them being the nomination for Award of Padma Shri and National Youth Award 2018.
He is the world’s youngest animal activist (Male); National Youth Icon 2018; Asia Inspiration Award 2018; Asoka Youth Venturer; Pride of Telangana 2018; a Humane Educator; Rise young citizen in 2017
Born on June 11, 1997, Khan started working for Animal Rights when he was 13 years.
His first foot prints are seen in his college, KG Reddy College of Engineering and Technology. He convinced his College authorities to open an Animal Shelter in the campus, which now gives home to rescued dogs, turkeys, ducks, chickens and rabbits with support of 35 student volunteers. He has made his college the world’s first Animal friendly Educational campus.
Awards received so far:
  • National Youth Icon 2018
  • Asia Inspiration Award 2018
  • Asoka Youth Venturer
  • Pride of Telangana 2018
  • Rise Young citizen in 2017
Need of an Animal Sanctuary
  • The PCA (Dog Breeding and Marketing) Rules 2017 have a lot of rules listed to make sure the cruelty is reduced on animals who are being sold in shops but when police seize an animal or if the owner of the shop is supposed to shut down his shop (if he doesn’t follow the listed rules) then they is no facility in Telangana where these seized animals can be kept till the courts hearing.
  • The sanctuary can rehabilitate these animals hence can help the police to carry out their duty efficiently
  • The RTI sought details about the method of disposal of Animals in Army. Dogs are evaluated for their fitness with respect to the performance of duties. The animals which are considered unfit are disposed of by humane euthanasia(report via TIO)
  • No Hero who have served the Nation deservers a shameful death by euthanasia. The Sanctuary can help rehabilitate and rehome these army dogs once they’re unfit(Some organisations working in Mumbai and Meerut are already getting the retired Army dogs of their states adopted in good family) Sadly Telangana have no facility to rehabilitate Army dogs and the Sanctuary can help us give these heroes who have served our nation a good Retirement.
  • They is no Organisation in Telangana who deals with Abandoned/ abused Animals who were once a pet and now abandoned. The existing organisations only help Street dogs and don’t give shelter to abandoned breed dogs due to their protocols.
  • Every month over 70-80 dogs/cats are abandoned in the city and the Sanctuary can help us Treat and rehome them
  • Research finds a clear and compelling link between animal abuse and other violent acts. Animal abuse does not only hurt animals; it affects our entire community. Whenever an animal is abused, a chain reaction begins in our community. Not only does an innocent animal get injured, but the person who commits the offense often falls into a cycle that could ultimately result in violence against other people. The evidence of a link between cruelty to animals and violence toward humans is compelling. In fact, people who abuse animals are five times more likely to commit violent crime.
  • Animal Sanctuary will also act as an Educational Institute where we will be inviting different schools and colleges to teach young students the importance of coexisting and empathy. Our Trained Volunteers will also visit different educational institutions to spread awareness. Animal abuse, like many other forms of abuse, is about power and control over a helpless victim. It is intolerable. By taking action against animal cruelty, we not only prevent animal suffering, but also uncover and perhaps prevent additional crimes. Understand the link and take animal abuse seriously. Hurting an animal hurts us all.
  • We want to encourage the culture of Social Entrepreneurship among Teenagers. How blessed would be the state if all the teenagers take up the cause they believe in and stand strong to make a difference.
  • Telangana would be the first state to have a world class animal sanctuary and an educational institute which spread awareness on animal rights and social entrepreneurship.
  • The increased Animal Cruelty cases ( some of the listed below)
  • In a horrific instance of cruelty, four puppies near Hyderabad were burnt alive on 07/11/18  The puppies were set on fire while their mother watched helplessly, howling, and attempting to save her new-borns. She was later seen crying near the dead puppies. (source: NDTV)
  • Youngsters between and 10 and 17 years were detained on Jul 21 for allegedly burning alive three puppies at a graveyard in Musheerabad area in Hyderabad, police said. (source: Hindustan Times)
  • 3 stray dogs shot dead in Hyderabad, police book case Aug 16 (Source India today)
  • Hyderabad man arrested for raping and killing dog
  • In a shocking incident, a 22-year-old man was arrested for killing and raping a female dog in Hyderabad. (Source India today)
  • Hyderabad: As many as 100 dogs on Saturday were reported to have been poisoned by unidentified assailants near Infosys campus at Sanskruthi Township situated in Anojjiguda. Oct 8 2018 ( source TIO)
  • Pregnant goat dies after 8 men gang-rape it in Haryana July 28 2018( source India Today)
  • Three-Month Pregnant Cow 'Raped' in Andhra Pradesh 26 Dec 2018 (source News 18)
  • Mumbai Male Dog Brutally Gang Raped By 4 Low Lives Dies After Fighting For His Life 22 Nov 2018 (source TIO)

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