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I am fundraising to raise money for my fathers treatment.
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Hi folks, an update on my father's condition. He is right now in the middle of another life threatening medical crisis.

My father Jayant Roy had liver transplant operation on 16/12/2015 at Mumbai's Global Hospital. The donor was my mother Arpita Roy. We could not have done the operation without the incredible financial support from all of you. We had started the crowd sourcing initiative as a desperate attempt to raise some money to help fund Baba's treatment. The way you supported us has been truly overwhelming. Thank you for giving Baba his second life.With your blessings the transplant operation went smoothly, but post transplant he suffered many complications including a brain seizure for which he was in coma for 7 days and his left side was paralysed. But I was not ready to give up. We fought on, the doctors of Global had been incredibly supportive and put in their 200% in fighting for Baba. Finally Baba recovered his senses and recovered sufficiently for us to bring him home.

I decided to keep my parents here in Mumbai and not let them return to Kolkata. We rented a small flat and got it ready for him. Post transplant recovery started for both my parents. Through out this entire traumatic process Baba has been really strong, he was in incredible pain, but always smiling and never, ever gave up hope of full recovery. We had trained nurses for 24 hours who was monitoring his body's every muscle move and aiding his recovery. But the path to recovery has been fraught with obstacles.

Six months after his transplant Baba was diagnosed with bile duct stricture for which he has to be admitted every two/three months to Global Hospital. His hospital visits are never light, a visit means at least a week to ten days stay and incurs expense of almost a lakh per hospitalisation. In 2016-17 he had been hospitalised 6 times and my mother once. We were somehow managing with our medical insurance and my salary.

On 27th July 2017 night he was severely breathless and had to be rushed to the emergency. On testing it showed his kidney was acutely affected and creatinine was high. All possible tests have been done  including Biofire Profiling, CT Scan, MRI, Endoscopic Ultrasound and Fnac but nothing has been detected so far. In the meanwhile he was so breathless that he had to be shifted to the ICU where he had to be ventilated for three days. Dialysis was started. His platelet counts  steadily dropped to 19000. The doctors are currently treating him for a condition called HUS which is a diagnosis of exclusion but they are not happy with the response. Hospital bills have already crossed 10 lakhs and no diagnosis has been made so far. I spoke to the doctors, confessed that I just do not have any more funds to continue with this treatment. But the doctors want two more biopsies of kidney and stomach to be done. They feel it's some aggressive form of post transplant lymphoma. We have exhausted all our contingencies and if things proceed the way they are, we might have to stop his treatment altogether, which is breaking my heart. The doctors are not very hopeful but they want to do these three tests and then take a call. So I have no other choice than to ask our friends and well wishers once again to help a daughter save her father.

I am embarrassed to say the least about reaching out to you once again. But then my father's life is way more precious to me than my embarrassment. If you could help us raise some funds, I would like to continue with my father's treatment and hopefully this time round he will also recover and we can take him home with us.



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