Save my husband Richard who met with an accident

My name is Mrs. Nancy Anita Richard, Wife of Vivian Richard. My husband met with an accident on 8th of November and has been in critical care since then for poly trauma. He had undergone two major surgeries ever since in his head to realize the pressure in his head; life saving surgeries.

We are a sweet family of four, two loving kids, daughter aged 9 and son aged 7. Vivian was into business.  Daughter is very attached to her dad and is finding it difficult to cope up. Son doesn’t understand the seriousness as I’m trying to be normal in their presence.

It’s been 20 days since the accident and he is still unconscious and on the ventilator. I have exhausted all our savings. My Husband’s two brothers have been pitching and they too have exhausted their savings, investments and have borrowed extensively but looks like we would require more as the current situation is still very ambiguous. Doctors say he is still critical and requires aggressive treatment. He is currently on maximum medication to control infections.

Earlier it was told to us by the police, that a cow was involved in the accident. My husband lost control and hit the cow and fell and hit himself on the median. But the video footage that we have collected from the near shops says otherwise. That it was a case of hit and run. We would have to investigate that too simultaneously to otherwise closed case by the police.  

We have spent 17 lacs until now and we will run out of financial resources by another one week.  I’m in despair as I’m struggling to keep my husband alive on one side and on another I haven’t thought about the rehabilitation my husband could require after he comes out of the critical care. He would require treatment for another one month at the hospital.

Doctors say it would take months to years for him to become normal; he would require home care even after leaving the hospital.

I don’t want to ask anyone for anything but unfortunately my situation has changed from being a contributor to acceptor. I have planned to sell our property but it will take a long time with the current situation – demonetization.  But until then I need financial assistance. With great pain in my heart, I want contributions to save my husband.  

Any amount you decide to donate will be very much appreciated and will make a huge difference in our lives.

Donations will be used to help cover my husband’s medical costs and other rehabilitation expenses.

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Provisional Bill as on 27-Dec-2016
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Financial Forecast for the next 10 days
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18th February 2017
Dear Supporters,

Richards’ shunt is working fine and the excess fluid has been draining and he is showing more neurological improvements.

He has been given medication for his brain to be alert - treatment for attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD - attention difficulty).

Richard has been given oral feeds slowly. Doctors are planning to change the current trachea tube with a new trachea tube to facilitate speech. A tracheostomy tube blocks most of the air from passing through the vocal cords as the air goes out through the tracheostomy tube (trachea).

This new speech trachea valve will allow air to enter through the tube and exit through the mouth and nose. This will allow the patient to make noises to start with and later speak.

Doctors have advised us to plan discharge after the trachea change and the procedure is planned for coming Monday or Tuesday.

We have made arrangements for homecare. Had to move to a new house close by as the current house isn’t wheelchair friendly (space restrictions). Purchase of home care equipments and a month’s supplies are completed.

Hospital bill as of today stands at Rs. 43,47,527; with an outstanding of Rs. 5.67 lacs. 

We have spent almost 41 lacs overall (hospital bills, home care products, home care nurse and rent deposit) as of now and have completely drained of all the liquid cash.

We are trying our level best to get as much discount from the hospital but still we would have to pay portion of the outstanding amount for which we don’t have cash (we have already pledged all the gold ornaments).

It will be great if a little more help would enable us to sail through this difficult phase in our lives.

Thanks for all your continued support.

Will update you as and when we have more to share.

Nancy Anita Richard

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