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Support Cancer Treatment for Coach Ravi of Indianagar Club, Bangalore

National level body-builder now suffering from cancer

A national body builder and a fitness coach is now undergoing treatment for a rare cancer. It was in 2008, that things took a turn for him. The formerly active and lively man started experiencing unfamiliar symptoms such as severe bone pain. Not sure what was going on with him, Ravi visited multiple hospitals across Bangalore to seek answers. This only left him with various misdiagnoses, treatments that did not work, and very little money as his medical bills racked up.  

Multiple Surgeries Left His Face Disfigured

Ravi started experiencing pain in his mouth to the extent that he could not open his mouth. Diagnosis showed that there was a tumour like growth, which led to the pain. With a surgery, this was removed but it appeared again and this time, affecting his ears. Doctors had to remove part of his cheek bone to save him. The tumour started spreading to his eyes and spine. He underwent a surgery again. For months, Ravi suffered in pain, without knowing the reason to his misery.

Once a champion who inspired many in the field of body building and fitness, his disease came as a shock to his students and colleagues. 

After 4 Years of Struggle, He Was Diagnosed of Cancer

Four years later, Ravi was worn out from seeking answers and was about to give up, when he got a biopsy done.

The results revealed a devastating news. Ravi was diagnosed with cancer of the left parotid (salivary) gland and spinal cord. He was worried because he did not know how he would afford the treatment. This husband and father remains the only breadwinner of his family of four and makes Rs. 15,000 monthly. With the amount of income being only enough to support living expenses for his family,

 Ravi did not know how he would be able to pay for any of his cancer treatment. 

How You Can Help Ravi 

Ravi was asked to undergo surgery, chemotherapy and radiation. He is recommended to undergo spinal decompression surgery. After recovering from his surgery, he needs to get chemotherapy and radiation treatment.  At this point, Ravi is hopeful for a better future. With every treatment, he gets closer and closer to recovery. Please support and donate for the treatment of  Ravi as it is crucial for his health and speedy recovery. He will not be able to do it without your help.
Faith and strength is something a person must have or gain when going through a vulnerable stage in life. Ravi hopes to fight, join him in his battle against cancer.

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26th October 2016
Dear Supporters

Ravi underwent spinal decompression surgery successfully in the month of August. However, he has been in the ICU for the last 20 days. He has developed pneumonia. His lungs are not functioning normally and he is not able to breathe on his own. He is now on oxygen support.

The chemotherapy will be planned only when he recovers from the current situation. The cancer has spread to the bone marrow and his health problems have compounded. 

The funds raised in this campaign were used to settle all the bills up to September. This month, the bills have been escalating again because of the complications. The family is finding it difficult to arrange for more funds. 

Let us pray that Ravi recovers soon and he gets started on the chemotherapy sessions as soon as possible.

Team Milaap

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