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Help Sarmistha Save Her Premature Twin Babies

“After the delivery, I turned to look at my daughters, and within seconds, they were taken away. That’s how much time I got with them when they were born. I couldn’t hold them or even see their faces properly. They have been in the ICU ever since.”

Sarmistha has spent the last 28 days watching her twin daughters through the glass of the incubator. She and her husband, Mithun, were eagerly waiting for their twins to be born and had even started discussing names. Unfortunately, both their baby girls are fighting for their lives in the ICU. The twins, born one second apart, have severe respiratory distress syndrome due to underdeveloped lungs. They need to stay in the ICU to get stronger and make it out alive and healthy.

Sarmistha's first baby

In 2015, Sarmistha went through the unbearable loss of her first babies

Sarmistha’s twins were only 700 and 610 grams each when they were born on January 16, 2018. Right after their first breath, they were rushed to the ICU due to severe infection and respiratory problems. That’s the only life these little ones have known, but this isn’t the first time Sarmistha and Mithun have been through the ordeal.

Sarmistha's second twin

In 2015, during my first pregnancy, we were expecting twins, but both didn’t make it due to severe complications. It was the toughest time of our lives. In 2017, when I got pregnant again, all the memories of our first babies came back to me. I was scared all the time at first, but after a few tests, the doctors told me that it would be a normal pregnancy. I had some hope then. Now, we’re in the same situation again and fear losing both our daughters.”

Sarmistha's condition became extremely critical and she needed an urgent C-section surgery 

Sarmistha’s happiness didn’t last long. In the seventh month of her pregnancy, she suddenly had very high blood pressure and was rushed to the hospital. She was told that she had only 24 hours to get operated to deliver the babies, else she might lose her life and her babies.

I was more worried about my babies than my own life. I was willing to do anything to save them first. I thought they wouldn't make it if I had surgery, but the doctors told me that surgery was necessary for me and my babies to stay alive.”

Along with the respiratory distress syndrome, the first twin developed a serious infection in her intestine in the first week of her birth and had to be operated on immediately. Their second twin struggled to breathe on her own and was on ventilator support for 27 days. 

Fortunately, both the babies are fighters and have improved with medical attention. One of them has even been taken off ventilator support for now. The doctors and their parents are positive about their recovery, but their medical bills are only piling up.

The twins' condition is improving, but their parents can’t afford to keep them in the hospital any longer

Sarmistha and Mithun moved to Bangalore from Calcutta on 26 April last year with many hopes and dreams of starting their life in a new city. The news of her pregnancy added to their happiness and excitement. Little did they think that they would have to relive the fear and sadness of the loss of their first children all over again.

“We thought that this time, we would be celebrating the birth of our babies, instead we’re praying every day that we get another day with them.”
Cloudnine Hospital and its team of doctors have provided the best possible fee with discounted service charges and priority care to help this little one recover.

The twins have only gotten better with medical care and attention. However, Sarmistha and Mithun can’t breathe a sigh of relief yet. Their babies need to stay in the ICU for one more month to recover completely, but Mithun can't afford to continue treatment any more. 

How You Can Help

Mithun is struggling to pay for his twins’ treatment. He was able to pay nearly 3 lakhs through insurance, but he needs 18 lakhs more to save both his daughters and finally take them home. Sarmistha’s life is now at a standstill, she spends all her time shuttling between home and hospital while also recovering from the surgery. Her only priority, however, is to save her girls. Sarmistha desperately needs your help to their twins’ life.

Your support can save these twin babies. 
Estimation letter
Estimation letter
Ask for an update
3rd April 2018
Dear Supporters,

Thank you for the wonderful support that you have shown towards the babies. We have some news to share with you today. Both the twins were in the hospital and were undertaking the treatment.

One of the twins was responding positively to the treatment and was in the hospital for a period of about 3 weeks and as the health stabilised was discharged from the hospital.

The other twin was on breathing support and was being administered treatment and care to help in the process to breathe normally. However, the baby developed a lot of infection and in spite of the doctors best efforts, she could not be saved.

Thank you for the support that you have shown towards the babies. Please do pray for the family to have to strength to go through this difficult time. They need your support the most in this difficult.

26th February 2018
Dear Supporters,

Here is an update on twin babies' health.

Twin 1 is doing well and also putting more weight, is now more than 1 kg. Remains without any respiratory support. It is hoped that baby will continue to put on weight and discharge from receiving unit is anticipated in 3 to 4 weeks.

Twin 2 Breathing support has reduced but remains on C-pap but also gains weight and now more than 900 g. However baby still has infection & still being treated with higher level antibiotics.

Thank you so much for your love and support.

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