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11 years in prison-8 years on death row-A family's struggle for survival. Support Adambhai and his family to rebuild their lives after his acquittal.

About Adambhai

Adam Suleiman Ajmeri lives with his family of seven, consisting of his wife and six children in Ahmedabad, Gujarat. Twelve years ago, he was an auto driver plying in the streets of Ahmedabad. He is presently unemployed, his family subsists on a meager 5000 rupees per month.

Adambhai's arrest and hardships faced by the family

In August 2003, eleven months after the Akshardham Temple Terrorist attack, Adambhai was arrested as an accused in the case. He was illegally detained for close to a month and tortured in a heinous and excruciating manner.

At the time of his arrest, Adambhai’s wife, Naseem, was pregnant with their sixth child. His eldest son, Mohammad Almas, discontinued his studies soon after the arrest, and later set up a small sewing unit.  Adambhai's wife worked as a domestic help, and his elder daughters were forced to quit school to attend to household chores in their mother’s absence. Adambhai’s son, Almas, is now the sole earning member of the family, earning around Rs. 5000 a month providing for 7 members of the family.

In 2006, a special court convicted him and sentenced him to death, and the death sentence was confirmed by the High Court in 2010. Having lost all hope for justice, Adambhai waited helplessly while his appeal was being heard by the Supreme Court of India.

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Acquittal by Supreme Court and life thereafter

In May 2014, after Adambhai had spent eleven years in prison and eight years on death row, the Supreme Court of India exonerated him of all charges, expressing  “anguish about the incompetence with which the investigating agencies conducted the investigation of the case… Instead of booking the real culprits responsible for taking so many precious lives, the police caught innocent people and got imposed the grievous charges against them.”

Although Adambhai was free to return, he was overwhelmed by the changes that had transformed his city in the past eleven years. In this time, gadgets such as mobile phones had acquired ubiquity, leaving Adambhai unable to grapple with the mundane realities of daily existence. Adambhai was struck by the hardship borne by his family in his absence, and overcome with sorrow for his inability to take care of his wife and children. 

Grim memories are woven into Adambhai’s past, proffering neither solace nor escape, and the future does not seem to hold in its uncertainty the promise of a better life. He does not have the means to eke out even a meager living, much less the ability to reconstruct his life from the shattered remains of what is left of his past. Let us help Adambhai start afresh.

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How will your contribution be used

Adambhai plans to set up a small dairy farm to earn his livelihood. He plans to rent a small area of land on the outskirts of Ahmedabad, and to rear goats and cows to sell milk and local milk products. To start this enterprise, Adambhai requires initial capital to the tune of Rs. 7,00,000 (seven lakh rupees) to set up his dairy farm.

Your contribution towards setting up Adambhai’s business will help sustain him and his family. Support Adambhai and his family to rebuild their lives and reclaim their lost years. Please donate.

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3rd January 2017
Dear Supporters, 

We are happy to inform you that Adambhai and his family are doing very well. With the savings from Adambhai’s farm, his son Mohammad has opened a stationery and novelty store in Ahmedabad. Adambhai helps manage this store 4 days a week. 

He is also extremely elated that Mohammad got married last month. Adambhai’s daughter is pursuing her Grade 10 studies. 

He says, “I am very happy to be able to spend time with my family. After all the struggles I went through, this is the best thing I could have asked for. My children are doing well and my wife and I filled with joy to see our family grow. There is peace in my home once more.” 

“I am extremely thankful to everyone who contributed to my campaign at Milaap. This means a lot to me and my family,” he adds. 

Thank you.

Team Milaap. 
12th July 2015
After raising Rs. 7 Lakh through the online campaign on, Adambhai moved strongly ahead to build his desired business of setting up a cattle farm to trade in milk and milk products. In early June he finally bought the land from where he would start his cattle husbandry and milk business. As a part of the campaign, last week (June 29, 2015) we visited Adambhai’s farm in Mandali Village, Mehsana District, Gujarat (about 60kms from Ahmedabad). Adambhai took us through his farm which measures 1 bhiga (as measured in Gujarat state) currently having a small shed for his cattle and himself to live under and the rest of the land has been left barren to later farm upon. The following is the description of the farm:

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  • Shed: Adambhai’s farm, when he had bought was a barren land and therefore the first task at hand for him was to build a shed for his cattle to live under. Adambhai constructed his shed to house his cattle and set-up a small area for his family and himself to stay whenever they would live at the farm. Currently, the shed has been divided into three sections. One of the largest partitions within the shed has been dedicated for the cattle (currently only goats) to stay under. This particular section of the shed has been specifically cooled by spraying water to the land and walls, to maintain adequate temperatures for the goats to stay in. The next section is where Adambhai keeps all the fodder for the goats this fodder includes all the essentials like Jowar ka Bhussa (dried Jowar), Channa, Gobi, Duudi, Lauki, Gehu ka Sira (Wheat shells) and Sukhri which are required to keep the goats healthy and fit. The last section is dedicated for Adambhai and his family to stay this area has a small kitchen and two charpais where usually Adambhai and his wife or whoever who plans to stay back in farm sleeps during the day.
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  • Cattle: As discussed earlier with Mr. Bhadresh Rawal, Director of Prayas in Ahmedabad, Adambhai has only invested in Goats currently. He has bought 15 goats of Rajasthani Sirohi Breed so far. He has been feeding them and taking utmost care of their health as they grow older for them to be later sold at profits during the festive season of Eid. After he earns a profit during that season by giving away these goats – Adambhai would then move into the second phase of his business, viz buying Buffaloes for his farm. Initially he plans to buy only 3-4 buffaloes from the money that he earns in the festive season and the money remaining from the campaign. He will soon start with selling the milk to the cooperative market of Gujarat within months of nurturing them.

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  • Land and Water Reservoir: The rest of the land apart from the shed is barren at the moment. Adambhai plans to grow Jowar in that area. Growing Jowar will benefit Adambhai, as it will cut his costs of fodder for his cattle as Jowar is one of the primary fodder for cattle. Apart from the land he has also set up a water reservoir tank where he stores water in huge quantities for the cattle and himself.
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  • Future Plans: Adambhai is looking forward to Eid at this moment which will provide a good market for his goats. He expects to make a good profit which will offset the costs of buying the cattle so far. With that money and the remaining sum from the campaign he will buy 3-4 buffaloes – which will solely be used for milk. He will retain the younger goats with himself to further nurture them and keep selling them off for money to other buyers in the market. The Cooperative milk market of Gujarat poses a great opportunity for Adambhai to kick-start his milk business as well.
Finances so far

Adambhai has so far spent around Rs. 4.5 Lakhs out of the Rs. 6.25 Lakhs that he earned out of the Milaap campaign. The following has been the expenditure so far:
  • Land - Rs. 50,000 for 1 year of rent for the farm land.
  • Shed - Rs. 80,000 for contruction of shed
  • Goats - Rs 3,10,000 at around Rs. 20,000-22,000 per goat
  • Water Reservoir - Rs 15,000
  • Fodder - Rs 200-250 per month
  • Miscellaneous - Rs 4000
It was a very different experience for us to meet Adambhai and his family in this visit. There was an air of confidence and ease around them. It has been a tough journey for this family to see themselves rebuild their lives in such an unprecedented manner. For a man who was captured by the state 12 years ago and sentenced to death, the support of each one who helped share his story has proved to be a new hope in life. The smiles on the family’s face tells a completely different story from when we started with this campaign 7 months ago.

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Thank you once again from our team at Death Penalty Research Project, National Law University Delhi. We will keep bringing in the updates as Adambhai and his family rebuild their lives.

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1st May 2015

Today (May 1, 2015), Adambhai met Bhadresh Rawal, Director of Prayas - Organisation for Sustainable Development in Ahemedabad. Prayas is a voluntary development organisation based in Ahmedabad working to help the vulnerable groups of society. Mr. Rawal is well-connected with with various natural resource management projects, micro finance programs and other livelihood activities and ventures in Gujarat. Looking at his expertise with small and medium ventures, this meeting between Adambhai and Bhadreshji was faciliated by Mr. Anoj Vishwanathan of Milaap.

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Adambhai discussed his plans for his Dairy Farm venture with Bhadreshji - discussing the location of land, the breed of goats and buffaloes that he plans to buy and gave him a rough sketch of how he will be using the money that has been collected through Milaap.

  • Adambhai has been looking for around 8-10 bhigas of land around Ahmedabad to start his venture so far. So far he has spoken to landowners in Nandasar (Mehsana highway), Dhanali Village, Siddhpur, Telav Village (Sanad, Viramgam Road) and other places around Ahmedabad. The range for renting the land for an year is around Rs. 70,000-80,000 - he is still in the process of negotiating the same and finalizing on a good land with proper electricity, water, stable area (if already constructed).
  • After finalizing his land - he will be initially buying only 3-4 buffaloes for around Rs. 30, 000 each and a few goats for around Rs. 8000 each. In the initial few months his main focus will be on rearing these goats to later sell them in the festive season of Id in August and earn out of that.
  • From the money that he gets after selling his goats - he will start buying more buffaloes and shift his focus completely at building his dairy farm from there on.
  • Bhadreshji, was in full support of the plan and gave his suggestions of how he could spend his money in cattle insurance as well. Knowing the usual markets for cattle - he even suggested Adambhai what breed of cattle to buy. Knowing the cooperative market of milk in Gujarat - Bhadreshji was of the opinion that this is one of the best ventures for Adambhai to start with after chalking out his finances around it. Marketing of his venture would not be an issue because of the various cooperatives that work throughout Gujarat - so Adambhai will always have demand for the milk coming out of his farm.

Adambhai would be meeting Bhadreshji in future after he finalizes his land in another couple of weeks. We shall keep you all posted with future updates on this.

Thank you once again Milaap and all contributors for your support!

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Adambhai, May allah give you barakha and khair in the new endeavour

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I wish Adambhai and his brave family all the very best and pray that their difficult days are behind them. May god grant them a all the happiness that they deserve.