Help a 9-Year-Old Visually Impaired Girl Undergo A Kidney Transplant

9-Year-Old Haleema Needs A Kidney Transplant 

At their home in Kollam in Kerala, Haleema N - who has missed her school again - says she is very tired after her last dialysis. Nabeesath, who tries to feed her lunch, is worried about the future. Doctors have told her that Haleema needs a renal transplant for survival.

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For the last three months, 45-year-old Nabeesath E has been travelling 120 kilometres by bus, twice every week, to ensure her daughter Haleema N does not miss her dialysis. She has been told by doctors that the hemodialysis for her nine-year-old daughter needs to be increased to thrice a week, as both her kidneys have been critically affected. Haleema was diagnosed with the rare Nephrotic Syndrome in 2013 and is also visually impaired.

"My husband and I, both are diabetic. We are medically unfit to give her our kidneys. Our relatives have distanced themselves from us. I have no money to pay anyone in exchange for a kidney. I just wish someone will come ahead and donate an O+ve kidney for my daughter. There is no other way," Nabeesath says.

The medical documents, prescribed by a government hospital doctor who has been treating Haleema, read, "She needs renal transplantation for sustenance of life. Approximate cost for maintenance hemodialysis is rupees 10, 000 per month and renal transplantation is Rs. 300,000 at the time of surgery and 10,000 per month, lifelong for maintenance immunosuppression."

Haleema's father is a daily wager, while her mother is a homemaker, devoted to meeting the needs of her daughter.  "I need to take her to school. I need to take her to the hospital. My husband offers to come along with me, but then I refuse, thinking we could save that hundred rupees. We have no money," Nabeesath says.

Haleema has been enrolled with the state organ sharing registry but parents say chances are slim due to the already long list of people waiting since years.

"I got my daughter after many prayers. She was born after three of my children died. I don't want to give up on her. If I give up, Haleema will give up too," Nabeesath says.

As Haleema sings in the background, Nabeesath tells us her daughter dreams to become a music teacher.

For any organ donor queries, please contact Nabeesath N at +91 9947729134

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estimate letter
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24th May 2018

Haleema is continuing with her dialysis.  She just finished her 4th-grade exams and has secured an A grade from Govt. School of Blind in Thiruvananthapuram.

We have decided to donate 100 U.S Dollars from the contributions made by you, to cover their transportation and miscellaneous expenses, towards visits to the hospital for undergoing dialysis and additional tests.

Thank you very much for your contributions to help this innocent blind child.  This assistance definitely gives hope to her parents as they continue their struggle to save their young daughter.

Thank you!
14th April 2018
Dear supporters,

The doctor has advised Haleema to continue with the dialysis, till she finds a donor.  Haleema and her mother need to travel to the hospital, which is located in the city.  The dialysis is done free of cost at the government hospital as Haleema's family is covered by the government insurance scheme.

To cover the  travel expenses from their home to the hospital, twice a week, and cover other miscellaneous expenses, we have decided to provide a sum of Rs. 5000 (from your donations) to Haleema once in every month.  This will help her to continue with the dialysis for the next one year, during which period she will hopefully find a kidney donor.

You can feel satisfied that the money donated by you is really helping a young visually impaired girl and their family continue their struggle with hope.

Thank you, and may God bless you all!!
11th March 2018
 Update on Haleema"s health 
Haleema is continuing with the dialysis, until she finds a kidney donor.  The good news is that her mother has a government medical insurance which allows Haleema to get the dialysis done free of charge at the government hospital.  At present they need about 5000 rupees/ month for their other incidental expenses during their visits to the hospital (3 times a week) for dialysis.

With the permission of all donors, I plan to distribute 5000 / month, until she finds a donor.  Thank you all for your assistance to someone whom none of us knew personally.  May God reward you for this act!!
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