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#Your Contribution Can Be Miraculous In Helping Ridhi Fight Cancer..Still needs your support..

Dear supporters,

We have received unfortunate news of Ridhi passing away this morning at around 4 am. Our hearts go out to the little one who fought the deadly disease. May her soul rest in peace and her parents find solace at this difficult time.

We yet to speak to Ridhi’s parents. Once we get a chance to speak to her parents, we will keep you updated on how the remaining funds will be utilized. We thank each and every one of you for your generous contributions and prayers.

Dear All,

Due to sudden and unexpected hospitalization fundraising target amount has been now bit increased to cover medical costs, As Ridhi has multiple severe complex health needs, Although it will not cover the entire bills- Till date, we have spent over INR 14 MILLIONS on her treatment. I would like to mention that the money raised is only for Ridhi's treatment, none of the fund raised will be spent on anything else.
Also not posting any of her pics this week because she looks a bit puffy and tired. Whole family is remaining extremely positive that with her strong sprit along with your help and support and ofcourse prayers that she WILL beat this and has been touched by kindness, generosity and love of so many people - many of them even we have not had the opportunely to meet or know and it is truly humbling to see.
I appreciate any contribution to the cause for a child who deserve her life back and thank you for all your prayers and assistance in time of need.
Thank you.

After surviving through several chemotherapy for over the year and BMT Ridhi has had Acute life-threatening GVHD, for which she is being treated with costly antibiotics and antithrombotic. She is getting fever again and again, As she always been so active even after chemotherapy then it is hard difficult to see her in this condition..
The most challenging part of having an ill child who can't speak yet is that they cannot tell you what is wrong, so you don't know if they are in pain, scared, frustrated, tired, or something else all together.

Stem Cells Transplants comes with lot of stress and recovery of the immune system may take up to a year. The transplant that could help Ridhi to beat this horrible monster called cancer, has left her battling many more life threatening situation - GVHD (graft-versus-host disease- is a serious complication that can occur after a stem cell or bone marrow transplant in which the newly transplanted donor cells attack the transplant recipient's body). Ridhi has developed Grade-3 GVHD of the skin (Rashes on body), gastrointestinal tracts (life-threatening diarrhea), lungs (breathing difficulties- for almost a week), and very high liver enzymes. 

We still have to find a way to help with the huge financial burden, So again i request all to please assist us as much as you can to spread the word about Ridhi's struggle. Each and every one of you have played a key role and we would like to see a continued support from all of you.

I want to thank every single person including her healthcare staff that has been involved in her battle against Cancer. We are humbled to see all of you come together as a strong community and your assistance is endlessly appreciated!!

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If prayers are going to start working we all need them now?! please god!!

Ridhi, Age 2 years, is detected of acute myeloid leukemia, a form of the life-threatening blood cancer, in July'14. She has had bone marrow transplant done in Feb'15. But after early relapse of her cancer she needs immidiate transplant again to survive from her illness, which will cost again around 20 lakhs, so we need a bit urgent help to support her treatment

About The Cause:

Ridhi received first chemotherapy for a month at Gangaram hospital (Registration No. 1499185), New Delhi, but we felt she wasn't getting the treatment and care she deserved. Thats when a friend recommended we look into the further Cancer Treatment at Dharamshila Cancer Hospital and Research Centre (Registration No. 78710) New Delhi.

During Second chemotherapy for another month, She developed the severe side effects including bleeding into the central nervous system (CNS) also called brain hemorrhage. With full of ups and downs

almost 1 year of treatment she had an early relapse from her transplant and her leukemia is back. Simply the Cancer is back and it is very aggressive. It can’t only be cure with only chemotherapy and cells infusion and she has to undergo with transplant again.

But, Now again we are experiencing financial difficulties, we have to arrange more than 20 Lacs for Bone marrow transplantation following other cells therapies and treatments. We are not sure how it will be arranged but we do not have any other choice to even think.

All support to us, no matter how small... in achieving this target would be hugely appreciated.

So please dig deep, be generous and donate- thank you!!

Hospital Details:

Dharamshila Cancer Hospital and Research Centre,  New Delhi
Vasundhara Enclave, Near New Ashok Nagar Metro Station Delhi – 110096 (India), Delhi, 110096
Phone: 011 4306 6353

Patient Registration No. 78710

- See more at:

It's Combine efforts of all those involved with our cause that will help us to achieve victory over Ridhi's Cancer. Thanks to all of you for your continued support for Ridhi.

Any reply/question may write to or call @ +91-9899302028

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23rd March 2016
Dear Supporter,

Apologies for the delay in sharing this update. Ridhi's family has still not recovered from the shock of losing their daughter, but they wholeheartedly came forward to help two other patients with the funds raised for Ridhi.

Here's what Ridhi's father has to say to each of you:

Dear All,

I want to thank everyone again for the support and kind messages. Apologies that I couldn't reply to some of you.

Losing a child is every parent’s biggest fear and we did encounter that. For us, the fear became the reality. On October 7th 2015, Ridhi passed away. She was on her way to wellness, bravely fighting towards the harsh side-effects from 15 months of treatment.

Never in my dreams, I believed that my Ridhi would be put to a test, but she was. I never believed we would be forced to walk away from our sweet, beautiful daughter whom we loved so much. All of you fought with us to save Ridhi. I am sure you will never forget her.

We have transferred the remaining funds to a critically injured student who met with an accident in Kolkata and towards Mrs. Shama Hussain who is a metastatic breast cancer patient. Shama's husband had contributed to Ridhi's campaign and I felt it's the best way to give back and support them.  Here's their campaign-

Even though God took Ridhi away from us, I will continue to pray for these two.

Thank you for everything! With your support, Ridhi stayed with us for some days and we will cherish those moments for the years to come.

Pryandar, (Ridhi's Father)

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God bless

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Get well soon ridhi,u r lovely.

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Dear Ridhi, Get well soon! Keep smiling!

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Riddhi u r tooo cute. U will soon beat the disease and get well to brighten everyone's lives. N her parents don't lose hope and strength. Keep fighting n u vl definately win it for her.