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Help to raise funds for my father's bypass surgery

(Hi please go through the updates to get the detailed information about his present health)

Hi, my name is Vishwajeet Srivastava. I recently completed my under graduation and was enrolled in Y13 batch under Bachelor in Technology course in Computer Science at The LNM Institute of Information and Technology. I belong to a very simple small family which includes me, my father and my mother. We all believe in doing good for others and my family is working hard to helping me to fulfil my goals similar to all of the middle-class families. Everything was fine until a few days back.

On May 17, in midnight around 2 a.m., my father felt a severe pain in his chest but we thought it might be due to some gastric problem so we gave him some common medicines for that and he thought it is gastric too. In the morning he was feeling better but suddenly in the afternoon again he felt the pain this time not only chest but also in his left hand and with much greater intensity. This time we took him to the doctor who is one of the famous cardiologists in Kanpur. Although due to doctor’s popularity by the time our number came it was already 11 p.m. in the night and the doctor told us that it was a silent heart attack and he needed to be immediately admitted to the hospital and required angiography. We admitted him to a nearby city hospital in the emergency ward. On the 19th morning, the doctor took him for angiography assuming it is a case of normal angioplasty where they will be adding some sort of hook to enlarge the blocked artery. But results of angiography were quite different as expected and it turns out he is in a very severe condition with 2 of his main arteries are blocked. He is under surveillance in the I.C.U. The only solution for this problem is open heart surgery which will take place once he gets little stabilised.
We have consulted with other cardiac surgeons in Kanpur but all are suggesting for the open heart/bypass surgery which is in general cost Rs. 7,00,000 - 8,00,000 in India. And apart from that since he is in I.C.U. and post surgery treatments also cost huge amount which is extremely beyond our means because I belong to a lower middle-class family, my mother is a teacher in private school, my father is also a private employee and I have recently given my final exams of under graduation and currently not started my full-time job. I am also under student loan since 2013 which I took to complete mine under graduation which needs to be payback. We have already spend a good amount of money and seems like we are lacking a lot of funds which are critical for his further treatment.
We never expected something like this to happen with my father. He is a very spiritual person in his 50’s. In his entire life span he has never touched alcohol, cigarette and any other harmful substances still he is in critical condition. We need all your help we can get to save him from this situation and get back to his normal life again. So we request you to help him to save his life. 

In this situation, even the smallest help counts. In case you aren't able to help at least share it with your network.

What will you get in return?

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Original report of the angiography
Original report of the angiography
Image of the heart generated in angiography report
Image of the heart generated in angiography report
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5th June 2017
Hello, people! 
From the last update, a lot has happened. Just a few days before his surgery he suddenly got a second heart attack last week and was rushed to the ICU again. He was in a critical situation for next 3 days but thankfully he got a bit better. He is still under observation[CCU] as he is quite weak consequentially from the consecutive attacks. Additionally, his sodium and potassium levels are low which you can see in the report. Doctors are trying to stabilise his vitals in hope that he will have surgery next week and wishing things to be in place following that. 
Amidst all this mental, emotional and up to some extent a physical turmoil, I wasn’t able to provide any updates, which I believe each and every single contributor deserves to know. I apologise for my circumstantial unavailability. 
With all these overwhelming days something worse happens, someone anonymously reached out to Milaap and reported on the grounds of his/her belief that we are collecting more funds than actually needed for a By-Pass surgery,  suspecting the intention of me and my family over the amount raised. It was deeply hurting but I can only assure you that we are going to use the money for my father’s recovery only. 

Someone pointed that it costs less than what we have raised. I  admit that I myself, am not sure how much the whole process will cost us, and we can only know after my father gets discharged. Once my father gets discharged,  I will personally attach bills and all the other relevant documents. Bypass surgery is a costly process in itself but even the post surgery process requires a lot of money, there will be regular medical checkups, physiotherapies and much more things so in the case of any money left, it will go into all this. Still, if any funds left, we will give it back to someone who needs it. I can assure you me or my family will not use even a penny out of it for personal usage beyond my father’s treatment. I am even being asked to arrange a call with the doctors to verify the situation, which is not at all possible. The surgeons don’t have more than 2-3 min per person during their visits and the talks are very short and precise. Surgeons run on a tight schedule and it is not possible for me or probably any normal person to arrange a verification call catering to an individual patient’s need. I request you to understand that in this situation asking something like this is somewhat unjust.

I really appreciate all those who have and are supporting me in my hard time and me and my family are grateful for it, but please if you do not believe in our cause or the even have a speck of doubt on our intentions, please reach out to me with something that proves your identity and amount donated, I’ll try to refund you as soon as possible. Although, I have tried to be as verbose as possible It isn’t possible for me to explain my situation in a better way than this at the moment. If you ask any of my close friends, they can also tell you whatever happened over the time.
If you have any other doubts/queries, please reach out to me, I cannot commit to a prompt response, but I’ll reply to everyone in due course of time either personally or in another update if the doubt seems generic 

Milaap contacted me with the case  and it is tough to step into their shoes for a moment and contemplate that they want to eliminate the slightest possibility of a while. Having said that, I am glad they acknowledged that I am totally engaged in taking care of my father and my family from the past 18 days added to the peripheral tasks that accompany when a closed one is admitted to hospital. Milaap as a platform has been an enormous help to me and I understand that they don’t want to entertain any possibility leading to hampering the sanctity of this platform. 

Having said that, I again urge you all to consider the option to reach out to me once before you report to Milaap so that this conflict could be dissolved at all ends.

Thank you once again for all the help so far.
22nd May 2017
Hello, guys! I am posting this new update to tell you that this campaign has not yet ended. We need more money for the treatment of my father. I would like to tell you that today we got the report of the angiography today which took place on Saturday and I feel very bad to tell you that the reports are not good. Things are much more complicated than we thought earlier. All the three arteries which go out of the heart are blocked. One is 100% blocked and other are approximately 80-90% which you can see in the original reports which I have added. The condition is very critical at this point. Before the reports were out we were not aware of this fact and we were estimating the expenses around 3,00,000 - 4,00,000 but due to the extremely critical condition and a huge amount of blockage, the amount has been now updated to 7,00,000 - 8,00,000. To maintain the genuinity of the cause we have closed the campaign earlier when we thought it was sufficient enough but sadly we have to restart it with new goals due to the critical condition and we were unaware of the actual facts and figures. But my dad needs better medical facilities if we want to see him healthy and recover soon. I don't how to say it but they need more money and due to which we have changed the amount of donation to 6,00,000. And I request you to again spread the message and please whoever wants to donate to save my Father's life is free to go ahead and donate. Also, I request you to share the message with your contacts to help me raise the funds for the better medical facilities. If you have not contributed already, now is a good time. Thanks a lot for your support and blessings till now and I hope to you'll do it in future as well. And if you have already contributed I request you share it again. 

20th May 2017
I don't have words how to thank you all for your support and blessings. We have already surpassed our goal and have gathered enough amount which in my opinion will be sufficient for his surgery. Now, all we need is your blessings and prayers because they are more powerful than anything. By the grace of God, my father condition is stabilising but he is still under observation in I.C.U. He will go into the surgery only when his body will be stable. We need all your blessings and support so that his condition become stable enough for the surgery.

Due to the weekend, though we have achieved our goal but we won't be able to withdraw the money and close the campaign. But since we have already surpassed the goal so I request you give your blessings. I'll keep you posted about his health and once again I would like to thank you all for your support it means a lot to me and my family.
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Hi vishwajeet , its Deepika from y13. Though we never interacted during our college life but I could relate to your feelings at this time. I hope your father gets well soon.

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Get well soon!

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My prayers for your father.