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Tom Needs Your Help To Fight Blood Cancer

Imagine the plight of a father who discovers his 3-year-old son has cancer when he is on a normal consultation with the doctor for a fever. Jo and Litty's journey of accepting their son's cancer is heartbreaking and makes us wonder how people find strength in tough situations.

When Their Peaceful Life Changed Overnight

JO and his wife, Litty, are from Idukki District in Kerala. Jo is a farmer and Litty is a homemaker. Tom is their only son and attends Anganwadi in their village. Their peaceful life changed overnight when Tom was diagnosed with Leukemia (B Cell Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia). Tom is currently admitted in CMC Vellore for advanced treatment. According to the doctors, the ideal treatment for this disease is chemotherapy followed by Stem Cell Transplant. The estimated cost of the Stem Cell Transplant would be as high as Rs. 50, 00000.  Jo is not in a position to raise such a huge amount as his only source of income is farming.

This Mother Has No Answer To Her Son's Questions On Returning Home

Tom's day starts by visiting the doctor and returning to the small rented place near the hospital. His relatives who came over gave him few toys to play with and he treasures these by keeping it near his bed. When he is done playing with his toys, he is reminded of his village and his friends. He goes to his mother and hugs her tight. Litty knows what he is going to ask her next but she has no answer. She has tried telling him that he has to stay at Vellore till the doctor's say so but he is not convinced. He wants to know more.

At these times, Jo and Litty try to distract Tom by discussing his favourite games. What else can they do? They need him to stay happy and smiling and are ready to do whatever it takes to.

How  Can You Help Tom

Tom's father and relatives are trying their best to raise the funds but it's a huge amount and the expenses might increase if the chemotherapy continues. Time is very crucial and your timely help can help this farmer's son.
Funds collected through this campaign will be transferred to the hospital to expedite the process and continue the treatment.

You can donate via Cheque too. Enter the amount you wish to contribute and click on 'Donate Now' option. On the next page, choose 'Cheque' as a payment method and follow the steps.

Please find the letter from Hospital with details

Ask for an update
28th January 2017
Dear Supporters

Thanks for your continued support and prayers. Also apologies for not providing an update for few months.

Tom is on his way to recovery. He is now discharged from CMC and is on Maintenance mode now. Tom is currently at his native place in Kerala. His Chemotherapy sessions are going on. Tom goes to a hospital in Kochin (Rajagiri Medical College) once in 15 days for Chemotherapy and does the review in CMC Vellore once in 3 months. His WBC count is stable ever since he is discharged from hospital. His overall health is improving. I am attaching a recent Photograph. Improvement is quite visible

On the flip side stem cell transplant could not be done because of lack of fully matched donors for the transplant. Doctors don’t want to do it with partial match and the one full match person is not ready to donate citing health/ logistics reasons. Doctors are taking a wait and watch approach now. They will go for the transplant with partial match donors only if the situation worsens. We hope and pray that he recovers fully.

Once again thanks for your continued support and prayers.


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