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Fundraising to help the victims of the farmer suicides in rural Maharashtra and provide rehabilitation facilities to their families.

An amount of 3.6 lakhs has been set aside to help 16 farmer families - for details please click here

The goal is to create a 10 lakh rupee fund which will help

1) to provide immediate relief for the victims of the farmer suicides
2) also hopefully to prevent the farmer suicides because the loan amounts are very small and the fund can be utilized for this.

The Vidarbha Action Plan:

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With the highest number of farmer suicides recorded in the year 2013, Maharashtra continues to paint a dismal picture on the agrarian front with over 3,000 farmers taking their lives. The Vidarbha region of the state, once considered the epicentre of the farmers’ suicide in the country, is often to referred to as the Suicide Capital of India.

This is an effort to raise funds to help the victims of the farmer suicides that are on the rise in the Vidarbha region of Maharashtra. All the funds will be donated to Vidarbha Jan Andolan Samiti (VJAS), an organization founded by Kishore Tiwariji ( . They have been monitoring the farmer suicides and providing rehabilitation support to their families.

They have also taken up issues with the administration, judiciary, legislature, human rights bodies and international forums. In a region comprising more than 70 percent backward population, VJAS has been taking up issues like malnutrition among tribals, their right to food and education, and drinking water supply.

Main reasons for the suicide situation in Vidarbha

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Please come forward and support this cause - every little help matters. If you cannot contribute, please share it with your friends/family over Facebook and other social tools you use.

Listen to Kishore Tiwari talk about the farmer suicide situation ( . Below is the official data from the ncrb (National Crime Records Bureau)

In the year 2013 alone, 11,744 farmer suicides were recorded across the country (union territories excluded - Eleven thousand Seven Hundred and Forty Four - and this has been continuing for years/decades now.

Our previous initiatives to help the suicide victims,-donates-$4000-for-vidarbha-widows.html

Please let us know if you still ave any questions/concerns or anything else that needs to be done to ensure the 100% of the money raised will be spent on taking up outreach programs and to provide immediate relief for the suicide victims. Details of every single transaction will be made available. 


1) Why can't the money be directly sent to the farmers bank accounts?

Ans) There is a great risk that the money sent to the farmers account will automatically be adjusted towards the existing outstanding loan amounts. Even worse, the money lenders get to know about this and they pressurize the families to repay them instead. 

2) How will the money be disbursed?

Ans) Kishore Tiwariji, Vidarbha Jan Andolan Samithi, and his team will do all the leg work to prepare the list of victims families and their immediate needs. The money will be used to directly pay for the needs instead of giving the money to the farmers

3) How do we know the money will be used for the purpose intended for?

Ans) The details of all the victims and the budget details of the samvad yatra will be published. We will also further provide frequent updates accordingly.

4) Why do individuals need to help when the government is already there?

Ans) There have been a record 2.9 lakh suicides since 1995. The govt. has lot of good intentions and policies including loan waivers plans but only on paper. The recent CAG report is an indiciation of the great misuse and exploitation. This initiative is to motivate the individuals to come forward and take the responsibility to do something as concerned citizens. 

Thank you for all your support

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25th December 2016
Dear Supporters, 

Over 16 families affected in the Vidarbha drought have been rehabilitated, thanks to your contribution. 

Farmer rehabilitation is an on-going effort and cannot yield long-term results in a few months. Hence, volunteers for this campaign are continuously involved in creating awareness amongst farmers in Vidarbha about sustainability and long-term financial planning. They’ve been working on pushing more and more affected families back into civilisation, the past year. 

The sugar factories in Marathwada are consuming precious groundwater required for essential crops. Volunteers, in tandem with local panchayats, have been in talks to introduce farming policies that protect water consumption for majority crop production, rather than give preference to profit crops like sugarcane. 

They have also been working on making other sources of groundwater available for farmers. 

They thank you for your support. 

Team Milaap. 

26th July 2015

and we have done it - together we raised 10 lakhs and in fact more (10,41,443.00) and its still going strong.

We had contributions from people belonging to different parts of India, different countries in the world, speaking different languages, having different beliefs and faiths, all coming together to stand in solidarity and give a simple message to the farmers "We are with you".


The campaign also gave us an opportunity to highlight not just issues but also solutions. The samwad yatra undertaken by Kishore ji and his team helped reach farmers in district across almost 35 villages.

Also Kishoreji's active role in criticizing government's policies, their in actions, finally yielded results. he know is appointed by the Maharashtra government to look into the farmers issues (

Lessons from the campaign

  • Small contributions from a large number of people is more effective than large contributions from a select few
  • There are many concerned individuals around us and the challenge is to simply reach out to them
  • Providing financial help is important as an immediate relief
  • Questioning the government's in action is also equally important
  • Understanding the underlying issues leading to the distress is a must
  • If we 275 of us can help contribute to a 10 lakh fund, then imagine what 2000 of us can do

The campaign also helped us reach to thousands of people and helped us highlight the issues - Thanks to Milaap for providing the platform, thanks also to TheBetterIndia's ( coverage for highlighting the issues.

So whats next?

  • Provide updates from the families who had received financial help
  • Continue to work with Kishore Tiwariji
  • Work on creating awareness not just about the farming crisis, but also about the various government policies that were created to benefit the farmers
  • Work on bringing technology closer to the farmers

Other Updates on the project:

The campaign will end on July 31st. A big thank you to all the donors and to all the friends and their friends in helping us realize that together we can do small things that can have a big impact. 

The entire money has been sent to Kishore Tiwariji as of today i.e. July 26th 2016
23rd March 2015

Dear well-wisher,

Thank you for your wonderful support. As of today we have raised a total of Rs 534131. As stated in the project details, the money will be used to serve two purposes

  •  To help provide immediate relief to the suicide family victims
  • To organize samvad yatra which will be headed by Kishore Tiwariji, VJAS (Vidarbha Jan Andolan Samithi). The yatra is an outreach program 
    • to reach out to especially the farmers in distress 
    • to help organize a representation to the authorities detailing clear demands
    • to create awareness about govt. policies, some of the best farming practices (Reduce dependency on pesticides etc.)

Rs3,98,065 has already been transferred to VJAS as of March 13th. The initial list of the families can be found here -

More updates will be sent in the coming weeks.

In the meanwhile, please feel free to share any comments/suggestions or anyother questions you may have.


Suresh & Kishore Tiwariji

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