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Hello Good People,

We are Socky's Friends. Socky, a.k.a. Socrates, was a regal golden-orange indie kitten, quite the Tiger-poocha, the apple of his hooman moms' eyes. He suffered from renal troubles from kittenhood and despite all possible medical intervention, crossed over the rainbow bridge in December 2015. Then his moms, broken hearted as they were, decided to give homes to us, sick strays, adult Indicats whom nobody else wanted to adopt, homeless kittens that other nasty cruel hoomans tied up in sacks and threw away in garbage bins. Our hoomans took 15 of us in, as that was the number they could afford to take proper care of, in terms of both money and time.
But, as luck would have it, one of these crazy cat ladies fell ill back in February (2017), and has been suffering from a prolonged illness that affected her lungs and worsened her already weak heart. Then, in June and July, 10 more motherless kittens got dumped on their doorstep. What could they do but take them in, too? Now, we are 25 adult cats and kittens, dependent on two hoomans. But, as it is said, misfortune never comes alone. Our Momma lost her job because of her illness.

Our hoomans are trying very hard to get us adopted into good homes; but as is common knowledge, it is very hard to get homes for non-breed Indicats like us. Neither can we survive on the streets, or shelters where they feed vegetarian daal-rice type of food to carnivores like us.

Hence, we are turning to you, good souls. Our hoomans need funds for us, to sustain us for 3 or 4 months, till our momma gets a job and also finds homes for the new kittens. It is nigh impossible for them to meet the cost of our upkeep, about 26-30 thousand INR, every month. The young ones also need their vaccines, and they must be neutered, too, just like us. All of this will need funds that our moms do not have right now. They have no other source of help, either.

Will you please help us? Our hoomans promis to pay it all forward, to some similar cause, after these 4 months. Every little that you can spare, will help us immensely. Will you please help?

With Love

Plato, Toothless, Cookie, Galahad, Pocha, Gochi, Simone Joan, Hutum, Nala, Paku, Dugdugi, Alexis, Penguine, O.J. and the young ones.

food and litter bill for September, 2017
food and litter bill for September, 2017
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3rd November 2017
Dear Supporters,

There's good news.

Out of ten, we got four of the kittens adopted in the last one month and search is on full throttle to find good homes for others, too.
Please keep us in your prayers and good thoughts! Thank you for your supporter and love.


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Aparna donated $100

All the best!! :)

Sanmay donated $100

I wish all the kitties to find their forever homes, and all the TLC they need. I know for a fact that they are in good hands, but we also need every hand on the deck to help the kitties to get over these trying times.

ARCHISMITA donated Rs.1,000

Anything and everything for the beloved furbabies! <3

Anonymous donated $63.49
Anonymous donated Rs.500
Anonymous donated Rs.500