Our 20Kids need a Superhero.Be their Superhero, be their Rescue Ranger

Ashok Deshmane was born in the Parbhani district of Marathwada. Like many in the country, he grew up facing poverty, hunger and destitution. But he did not let that dampen his spirit. He got himself an education, a job, changed the course of his life and today he harbours an undying desire to help others in need.

With this spirit, he started his NGO, Snehwan in December, 2015. As a part of it, he decided to adopt kids from Marathwada belonging to families in which the farmers have committed suicides. Some of these kids are also from families who are in debt and are having a hard time providing for themselves. The ongoing drought has only worsened their plight.

He has identified 20 such kids between the ages of eight and fifteen from various districts of the region and will provide accommodation to them at a donated apartment in Bhosari area of Pune. He is raising funds on Milaap to ensure that they get an education and all their needs are met. “If you want the next generation of farmers to do something substantial in the near future, it is necessary to educate them. And just basic education is not enough. Teaching them various subjects like computer science, music, dance, painting, etc is needed. It is required that children are taught according to their talents,” says the 26-year-old who has completed his Masters in Computer Science.

So passionate is Ashok that he carries out his NGO activities in the day while doing his software engineering job at night. “I am hugely inspired by the social work of Baba Amte, Dr Prakash Amte and Sindhutai Sapkal.” The Pune resident plans on adopting more kids in future and take care of them till they can support themselves.

This year drought has taken a disastrous form in many states of our country. Sadly Marathwada is emerging as farmer’s suicide capital of India. The loss of a family member is a brutal blast to the near and dear ones of the victim. At such times children belonging to such families become the most vulnerable of the lot. These kids are exposed to many threats and dangers like child labour, child trafficking, sexual abuse, extreme poverty, physical and mental abuse and homelessness. Snehwan, the solo initiative of Ashok Deshmane who has been in the theatre of this tragedy, aims to be the provider and nurturer of children of drought affected farmers. 
Simple Act of giving small amount can actually make you their Superhero, their Rescue Ranger.

Six month Budget Of One Child At Snehwan
Sr.No.         Particulars Of Budget                          Expenses in Rs.
01                Grocery                                                  5700/-
02                Cooking Gas, Vegetables, Milk etc     3300/-
03                Cereals & Pulses                                   1740/-
04                Honorarium of Staff                             5400/-
05                School Fees Expenses                          4500/-
06                Office Expenses                                    1950/-
07                Transport                                               2874/-
08                Office Rent                                             3000/-
09                Phone Mobile Expenses                      300/-
10                Medical Expenses                                 1200/-
11                Clothes                                                      300/-
12                Miscellaneous Expenses                      1200/-
      Total Expenditure = 31464 x 20kids = 629280

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16th August 2016
Dear Supporters,

I am Shruti Sunderraman, a Fellow with Milaap. I visited Snehwan and met Ashok and the children he's currently rehabilitating.

They are a boisterous bunch of 25 kids, all of whom Ashok is sending to a nearby school using the funds raised. Snehwan is nestled cozily amongst lush trees, open grounds and the green pastures of a village-like community in Bhosari, Pune. When I enter the premises, Ashok welcomes me with tea and conversation. I learn that Ashok has quit his 9 to 5 corporate job recently to take Snehwan forward full-time.

Ashok and the children outside Snehwan.

I step out to join the kids who are sitting on a small playground outside Snehwan. Ashok gathers them around and they flock toward me with unusual discipline. They introduce themselves with their full names, standards in school and the region they are from. The kids then sing rhymes, prayers and songs for me. They demonstrate their physical abilities through gymnastics. 

Ashok, along with his family, has disciplined them into waking up early and teaching them yoga at 6 a.m. The children are always eager to go to school and are happy to have an opportunity to do so.

The children from Snehwan doing yoga in the morning, under Ashok's guidance.

Ashok is continually trying to rescue more children from Marathwada and providing a future to look forward to. He has expressed immense gratitude for all your help and welcomes any supporter to visit Snehwan.

He has requested for continued support to help more children and sustain the existing ones' quality of life. 

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