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This 16-year-Old's Needs Help To Live And Go Back To School Soon

Shashidhar is a 16-year-old with chronic liver disease and needs an urgent liver transplant to live. His father Mahipal Reddy is a driver in Madikonda, Telangana. Mahipal is also unable to take up more work because he met with an accident. He is struggling to get his son treated.

“I used to go to school – I am good at studies. Why is this happening to me now?” asks Shashidar.

“He complained of fever and weakness at first but we thought it was the heat. But after his exam he became really weak and got bad jaundice. He was admitted for the whole month of May at the hospital,” said Shobha Shashidhar's mother.

Till that time, Shashidhar worked very hard, determined to get good marks in class 10 and join a good college. He is well-known in his school for his hardwork and intelligence. Despite struggling with bad health, he managed a GPA of 8.3 in class 10.Shashidhar now feels left behind as his classmates and friends apply to colleges they had shortlisted together. It makes his pain and sickness worse. His mother comforts him reminding him that he can apply next year.

Shashidhar's jaundice has become very acute and he needs two injections every day to manage the condition. His parents are very distressed at seeing their youngest child so sick. They have even come to Hyderabad to get better treatment for Shashidhar – whose condition is deteriorating rapidly.
Rakesh, Shashidhar's older brother wants to quit studies to take care of Shashidhar. 
Five years back, their father met with an accident that has left him unable to do any hard work. He works as a driver in Madikonda making Rs 300 a day. He misses pay when he needs to be in Hyderabad with Shashidhar. His meagre earnings are not enough to save Shashidhar – who needs a liver transplant worth Rs 20 lakhs.

“We had some land in the village. We sold that off. That is how we were able to give him treatment so far. His condition has become stable and the doctors say that we have to get the transplant now – before he becomes worse,” Shobha says worriedly. 

Rakesh, his brother, is two years older to him and asks his mother if he should quit and get a job that will help with treatment. Even though the family has applied for state relief funds, the need is immediate and Shashidhar cannot wait any longer to get a transplant.

How you can help
Shashidhar's liver has been suffering damage for the last three months and he needs a liver transplant before the liver damage starts shutting down other systems in the body. His parents have exhausted all their funds and have nowhere to turn to. 

Our support will help this family arrange for a liver transplant for Shashidhar and save him.
Estimation letter
Estimation letter
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20th July 2018
Dear Supporters,

Thank you for the wonderful support that you have shown towards Shashidar. He developed a lung infection around the beginning of July and was shifted to the ICU and needed Ventilator support.

Later his health stabilised and his dependency on the ventilator reduced. He was discharged from the hospital and was advised to visit the hospital once every week for regular checkups and follow-ups.

His liver is showing good signs of growth and the doctors are positive about his recovery. He has been advised medication. Based on his health the doctors will be suggesting the future course of action.

Thank you once again. Please do pray for his health and speedy recovery.

20th September 2017
Dear Supporters,
We have some good news to share with you.

Shashidar had suddenly become critical and needed immediate medical attention. He underwent his liver transplant successfully on 14th August. The donor was his mother. He was kept under observation for a few days and was discharged on 4th September.

He is recovering well now and is back home. He still has to visit the hospital on a weekly basis for his check-ups for 2 months. As he is still prone to get infections, he will have to take rest for 6 months after which he can go back to school.

The family received 10 lakhs from the CM funds and the total expenses in the hospital has been approximately 24 lakhs. The family somehow managed to arrange the balance amount with the help of friends and family but now are in a huge debt. The funds raised will be used to clear the debts from the liver transplant of Shashidar.

Thank you so much for the love and support for Shashidar.

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I am sure, you will survive it

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Get well soon you dream. Do not give up . People will pray for you.

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