This Police Constable Is Struggling To Save His Infant Son's Life

"They don't even let me see my own child! He is sick. Only my wife gets to hold him to feed him for about 2 hours a day. I get to stand behind three doors and hope that he gets well."

When Sakthi Aadhavan was born, his parents never imagined that their baby would end up having a terrible heart condition that would put his life in danger in just three months. Now this baby is fighting for his life, gasping for breath and needs to be on the ventilator until his heart and lungs can recover.
Senthil is a police constable working for the Central Reserve Police Force at the Maharashtra border. He was the happiest when he heard that they were expecting their second child, and was there to celebrate the birth of his son. His wife and daughter, Arumugam and 2-year-old Subhiksha spend a lot of time away from him because of the nature of his work.

"I hardly got to spend time with my family after my son was born. I got called away. I never thought my son could be sick. He used to breathe very fast. His heartbeat was fast. People said infants are like that and as they grow older they get better."

As the problem aggravated and the baby began struggling to breathe, Arumugam rushed little Sakthi to the doctor in Madurai where he was diagnosed with a congenital heart condition. Poor weight gain, weakened lungs, and low pumping efficiency had complicated the issue (hole in the heart). The doctor ordered an echo which showed that Sakthi required an urgent surgery.

"We did not have the money but how can you think about money when your child's life is in danger. We rushed him in and the procedure went on for nearly 12 hours. His heart began to recuperate after the surgery. His lungs were still weak so he needed ventilator."
Sakthi had post-op high ventilatory requirements with Pneumonia for which he was shifted to KKCTH. He had persistent hypoxia with right sided Pneumonia, Rhinovirus & Enterovirus PCR was positive from respiratory secretions. He is gradually becoming better & the ventilatory requirements have decreased.
The family has spent Rs. 2 Lakhs on the surgery already and pending medical expenses have amount to Rs. 4 lakhs. They are unable to meet these bills. Senthil does not have insurance coverage or enough savings to help him save his son. In fact, he does not even get to see his son if he is at the hospital. He is currently back at work in Maharashtra trying to make enough money for the treatment and keep his job.

"I don't even have leaves. If I take one day off, they cut my salary and it affects everything that goes on at home. We are shifting to a cheaper hospital so the expenses come down for the next few weeks. I hope we can give him the care he needs. His life matters to us. But, we are helpless right now. I am stuck! I am a father who is unable to fulfill the promise every father makes to his child!"

Your contribution can save this baby boy's life and give him a healthy childhood. Help Senthil care for his son.
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28th June 2017
Dear All,

My Heartful thanks for all the friends for donating funds at the needed time to keep my child alive. Becuase of you all and god's grace, my child got discharged with full cured condition and now he is well and breathes normally. I won't forget this timely help in my lifetime and once again thanks to all friends.

Thanks & Regards,

10th June 2017
Baby is well now by all your prayers and wishes. Heartful thanks to all the sisters and brothers for your timely help and support.

I never forget this help in my lifetime and my baby is recovered to normal stage because of you only.

Doctors checked and suggested to take an ECHO test for confirming betterment.

Many Thanks again...
Yours Truly,
10th June 2017
Baby is recovered Well by all your wishes and prayers. Heartful Thanks to all the sisters and Brother for your timely help and support.

I never forget this help in my lifetime and my baby is well today because of you all.

Doctors checked and suggested to take one ECHO test next week for betterment.

Many Thanks Again...
Yours Truly,
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