10-month-Old Rithvika Cries Herself To Sleep Every Single Night

Rithvika is only 10-months-old but her short life has been very painful so far. She doesn't know why, but her stomach hurts and burns all the time. Her liver is completely damaged and she needs an urgent liver transplant to find some relief from her pain.

Baby Rithvika's stomach hurts so much she cannot be hugged

“Every night she cries herself to sleep and I cry along with her. When your small baby is in so much pain, what else can you do? Some nights - no one at home gets any sleep. It is very hard for us to see our daughter bear so much suffering,” says Lalitha, Rithvika's mother.

Rithvika's stomach is hard and swollen because of the damage caused to her liver. Any pressure on the stomach hurts her, so her parents make sure the carry her from the side so she feels as less pain as possible when going from one place to another.

Rithvika's parents' poverty hinders them from ending her pain
Satish works as a driver in Hyderabad and earns Rs 9,000 per month. He is the only earning member of the family taking care of not only his wife and child, but also his aged parents and younger brother. To save his first and only child, he has borrowed heavily from local moneylenders.

Rithvika's treatment began when she was just 3-months-old. She was passing white stool and her parents decided to get this checked. “The doctor asked us to do a MRI scan and told her her gall bladder was malfunctioning. She needed an immediate operation,” Satish says.
Shortly after the operation, she slowly fell sick – unable to eat. The bile from her liver was not getting stored in the bladder. It was eating away at her liver. In just two months, her liver was completely damaged and she had to take medications to live.

A liver transplant will cost Rs 16 lakhs. It is an amount that Satish with his modest salary cannot afford. He has already spent all his savings and paid medical bills of over Rs 5 lakhs so far. But it will all be for nothing if his daughter does not get the liver transplant that will save her life.

Help these parents save their only child and give her treatment that will end her pain. Contribute now. 

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9th October 2017
Dear Supporters,

Here is an update on Rithvika.
Rithvika's mother has donated a part of her liver and Rithvika has undergone the liver transplant on October 2. She had infection post surgery and is currently under observation in the ventilator. Doctors will decide upon the further treatment procedures depending upon baby's response to medicines.

Thank you for your support and love.

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