Help Rishith Kumar Survive Leukemia

Rishith is a 11-year old with Acute Myeloid Leukaemia – an aggressive blood cancer. To fight it, he has taken five cycles of chemotherapy. Unfortunately, his cancer is back and he needs an urgent bone-marrow transplant. His father Rajesh, an auto driver in Mangalore has spent over Rs 12 lakhs on his only child's treatment. He is desperate to arrange more funds and save his son's life.

Fighting cancer with courage and grace

Rishith's mother hesitates a bit as she describes Rishith before his illness. "He's very good at sports. He plays Kabaddi for school and goes swimming in the local pond with his friends. He is very good at math, but otherwise, he is a pokiri - always getting in trouble," she says. Today, Rishith is spent after five gruelling chemotherapy cycles from last June to mid-January. His energy is close to running out.

To help Rishith be brave, his parents didn't tell him he had cancer at first. But Rishith figured it out on his own and even tried to explain cancer to his parents. His doctors find him to be a confident and strong child who believes them with his whole heart when they tell him he will get better.

“The reason we are able to watch our only child go through such difficult disease and its treatment is because he is so strong. He never once complained or showed any reluctance for all five cycles of chemotherapy,” says his mother Sukanya. 

His school friends miss his active, mischeivous presence. Not only do they visit him, but also put together some money to help with his treatment. He is especially missed in the school kabaddi matches where Rishith has often saved the day. 

But this year, he decided not to visit his school on Sports' Day. He even tells his parents he wants to go a new school once he gets better because he doesn't want his friends to feel bad for him. 

Fear of not having money for treatment looms over the family

Rishith's parents have discovered strength inside themselves as well. For the treatment, Sukanya sold off all her jewellery and her husband Rajesh worked hours overtime trying to make money. Now, their only asset is their auto – and the reason they haven't sold it too is that the treatment is not over yet.

“For the chemotherapy our friends and family lent us lakhs of rupees. Even his classmates from school put together some funds. How many times can we ask them for money? So now, I just ask them to pray that Rishith gets better,” Sukanya says.

Let Rishith's courage and strength not be in vain. Help this family save Rishith. 
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6th June 2018
Dear Supporters,

Rishith had transplant more than year ago. He was doing well except some mild GVHD.

Now he has presented with cough and breathlessness few weeks. CT scan looks bad and he needs urgent hospitalization including ICU care to address this problem. As it seems to be infective problem, we are hopeful he should recover with prompt care.

Thank you for your support, we shall keep you all posted.


Dr Sunil Bhat
Senior Consultant & Head Pediatric Hematology, Oncology and Blood & Marrow Transplantation
Mazumdar Shaw Cancer Centre, Narayana Health City Bangalore, India
30th May 2018
Dear Supporters,

Here is an update on Rishith's health.

Currently, he is at home and doing good. He had responded well to the treatment.

Doctors have prescribed some medicines to avoid any complication. We will be visiting the hospital tomorrow for the pulmonary tests as there are symptoms for GVHD.

Please pray for Rishith's health and speedy recovery. Will keep you posted as his health progresses.

10th April 2017
Greetings all!

Recent update is that Rishith was shifted back to Bangalore to continue with his treatment. He had to be operated because of an infection in his stomach which had adverse effect. His condition is improved after the operation, approximately 5Lakhs has been spent on this operation. The BMT treatment will be starting from next week. His mother will be the donor for this treatment.
I would like to thank you all on behalf of Rishith's family for your generous donations in his treatment. Some part of the amount has been transferred to the hospital for initiating his treatment. Apart from this to cover the amount for his treatment, Rishith's father had to pledge their newly built house and jewelry. We are very thankful to all your support, Please continue to support Rishith and his parents in this treatment.
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