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15 year old Pravin needs your help to undergo a BMT

17-year-old Pravin has been suffering from cycles of high temperature and weakness for over two years. His sister, 14-year-old Varsha, also began to show similar symptoms. The family of four, with parents, Shivaraju and Pavithra, come from Ramnagar, Kanakapura. After consulting various doctors across hospitals, the siblings were diagnosed with Fanconi anemia, a rare genetic condition that causes the bone marrow to stop producing all types of blood cells. 

For over a month, the siblings were admitted at NH until Varsha succumbed to it. Now, the devastated parents every shred of hope they have to save their son from the same fate.

Pravin has a very small window of time before his body gives out and begins to bleed. The doctors have suggested bone marrow transplant with the parents as haplo-matched donors as a curative option, if performed at the earliest. Pravin is hanging by a thread, and needs your help to fight the disease that killed his sister.

Shivaraju is a farmer with not much earnings or savings. He is unable to sell the one-acre agricultural land in his possession because of the demonetization drive. The estimated cost of this surgery is Rs. 24,00,000. You are the family's only hope to save at least one of their children.

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13th January 2017
Dear supporters,

Thank you all for the contributions that have helped Pravin to achieve the highest quality of care.

We regret to inform you that despite the best efforts, Pravin passed away on 7th January 2017. He was suffering from Falconia Anaemia and Sepsis with Neutropenia. Inspite of repeated blood transfusions, his haemoglobin and blood platelets count did not increase. On 3rd January, his health deteriorated. He developed respiratory distress because of which vassopressor and oxygen support had to be provided.

Although Pravin was advised Pediatric Intensive Care Unit (PICU), the family attendant refused for the same and his medication continued in the ward.

We once again thank the donors for their support. May his soul rest in peace. We pray the family finds strength in this time of grief.

- Dr. Sunil Bhat
Senior Consultant & Head Pediatric Hematology, 
Oncology and Blood & Marrow Transplantation,
Mazumdar Shaw Cancer Centre, Narayana Health City 
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Kindly help yourself by thinking what would happen if it happens to one of your family members. God bless you.

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God bless. Get well soon

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Get well soon

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