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Having Suffered Enough For A Lifetime This Baby Is Now Battling Death
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"Before all this started, she used to laugh so much. It's been days since I've even seen a smile on my baby's face. She's either crying in pain, or lying still, exhausted after all the crying!" - Deepali, mother

All little Pranvi has seen until now is pain,  her struggles started just after of her birth. With rashes all over her body and a cough that won’t stop, 7-month-old Pranvi is in severe pain now. Her body hurts, and her head itches all the time. Pranvi was on ventilator support, fighting for life in the last month. She has now come out of ventilator support but her life is still at risk.

Little Pranvi was covered head to toe in rashes, she cried the whole night

She developed rashes all over her body. We were shocked. She was covered in red spots and we could tell if they caused discomfort to her. When we tried picking her up, she would wince pain. She was hardly 15 days old; how can she possibly bear it?” – Deepali, mother.
When the parents took her to a dermatologist, she was diagnosed with eczema and none of the medicines worked on her. While they were figuring out what to treat her with, the parents noticed rashes on her head and a reddened scalp. One night, Pranvi had severe loose motion. She cried the whole night. In just 3 days, her weight drastically decreased. No one knew why baby Pranvi was suffering so much.

Any delay in the transplant could cost her life

After weeks of suffering, Little Pranvi was diagnosed with severe combined immunodeficiency (SCID), a rare condition that weakens the immune system, exposing the patient to all kinds of infection. This is why Pranvi developed rashes, is underweight and falls sick frequently. With this disorder, she might not live for long. She needs a bone marrow transplant, and she needs it immediately. Any delay in the surgery could cost her life. It costs 22.5 lakhs and the parents are helpless.

Just when she heals from one infection, she gets another. She’s coughing her lungs out and is crying in pain. She can’t even breathe, and needs ventilator support. Once she’s cured of this, she will contract something else… because, her body is weak, and we can’t delay the surgery. I’m afraid one of these infections will take her away from us!” – Sandeep

I work in an electrical company and earn 10,000 a month. What can I do with it? I am in debt, and all my savings are gone. She was just born, how can she be fighting death already? It’s unfair! Everyone’s heartbroken. Never even in our worst nightmares did we think this could happen to her!” – Sandeep.

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