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Help Build A Shelter For Injured Street Dogs
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Help PAWS build a rescue & rehabilitation shelter for injured & sick dogs

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We are Pashupati Animal Welfare Society (PAWS) a registered NGO located in West Bengal, India. We are dedicated to the cause of the helping street animals in distress. We rescue and treat injured and sick animals (mainly street dogs). In just two years that we have been in operation, we have treated about 490 cases (please see our Facebook page for our cases and our YouTube videos at ). All of this we have managed using a network of volunteers who selflessly give their time, effort and money. We have no source of funding other than contributions from our own members and animal lovers. Here are a few cases we have handled:

#CaseNo332 – the dog with Transmissible Venereal Tumour.
 Completely cured

Pari – the abused & abandoned golden retriever rescued by paws and now in a family

#CaseNo245 Train accident amputated successfully and rehabilitated in his own location by PAWS
#CaseNo245 Train accident amputated successfully and rehabilitated in his own location by PAWS

What do we do?
To show how we work see some of our typical cases as copied from our facebook posts :
5th August 2018
Location - Barasat Noaara post office
Paws member Nilanjana Roy got a call from a student Ankit that a dog had been hit by a car & had fallen into a drain, and was vomiting blood. Nilanjana informed Paws member Ekta Sen , who took halfday off from her school and took the dog to the hospital. His body temperature is 98.
Please pray for him.”

Or another :
location : Agarpara date : 12th September 2018
On 10th September this dog met with an accident and was lying in a drain . Payel from Agarpara rescued him yesterday . Today morning the dog was admitted at Paws shelter . The dog has spine & leg injury and cannot stand . We will take him to hospital tomorrow.
Payel donated Rs 2000/- but x ray costs and treatment costs will far exceed this.
If you want him to recover PAWS needs your generous support.”

Place - Hridaypur station
Date 22nd September 2018
Paws member Rana got a call from an unknown person that a puppy had met with a train accident at Hridaypur station & was lying on platform 1. Paws member Ankit & Sarani picked up the dog & came to the hospital . By that time the hospital was closed and doctors were about to leave but we requested them to help the puppy.
So the doctor was kind enough to help us . Saline injection was given . Doctor will see him again on Monday morning. Paws member donated Rs 500/- for treatment.
Please help PAWS to help such dogs.

When we hear of an accident or sick dog, we network with our volunteers and they rush to the spot (regardless of how late night it is). The dog is transported by someone’s personal car for treatment at the nearest vet hospital or our shelter. Once they are recovered and fit to live on the roads again, we release them back on their natural habitat.
Many animals we rescue are victims of cruelty inflicted by human beings. Some of them have become disabled for life and cannot survive the harsh life of streets. We have given them a permanent shelter in our faciilty. We also undertake sterilizations and vaccinations of street dogs to control their population and prevent spread of diseases. Another of our initiatives is to spread awareness among common people about domestic homeless animals and take action against cruelty to animals.

Why do we need this fund?
Out shelter is located in Barasat which is 25 km north of Kolkata, and which has no animal shelter facilities. The nearest shelter to the south is in Kolkata 35 km away and to the north there is no facility for another 350 km. This area is therefore, greatly in need of  shelter and treatment facilities; more so because of major highways and rail lines that pass through it and results in a very large number of accidents to dogs.
At present we have a temporary shelter for about 20 dogs. However, a large number of cases are coming to us but due to the limited capacity of our current shelter, we are forced to restrict the number of dogs we take in. We want to build a shelter with large enough capacity so that no ailing dog will be turned away.
The proposed shelter is in in 1.3 acres of land in Barasat, WB, India. The shelter will have spacious, hygienic kennels for 80 dogs and sufficient free-roaming enclosure for the dogs to get enough physical exercise for as long as they live with us. This includes 20 kennels for intensive care cases, 10 kennels for recovery cases, 10 for isolation cases, enclosure for 15 paralysed dogs under treatment and with space to encourage recovery of muscle strength, 5 enclosures for special needs dogs, an ante-room to house the present 20 dogs currently with us. We will be building the basic concrete structures and then the kennels
There will be three 24×7 attendants to cater to their needs including cleaning their urine and stool, maintaining hygiene and taking care of special medicinal requirements. For the staff we will build a prefabricated portable toilet and bathroom.
We will have a full day paravet with a monthly salary and vet medicine specialists who we have to pay an honorarium per visit. A small clinic will be built for the doctor and this will be equipped with basic facilities.  There will also be a kitchen will be for cooking good quality, fresh dog food.

Our shelter space in 1.3 acres of land, in Barasat (north of Kolkata)

Why is this important?
It is no secret that the condition of stray dogs in India is pathetic. It is important to have their populations controlled by sterilizations and neutering and routinely vaccinate them against rabies. Dogs suffer terrible slow deaths in road accidents, maggot infestations of open wounds and various diseases. Animal welfare services outside of Kolkata are not developed enough to care for the sick and wounded and protect those that are healthy. In more that 350km from Barasat to Maldah, PAWS is the only animal shelter in the proper sense. It is the only ray of hope for people and animals in this area. Everyday we receive increased admission requests exceeding our capacity. Due to the mounting demands and rescue calls we must finish this shelter at the earliest. And yet we are miserably underfunded. We are run by the contribution of a handful of generous souls and by exhausting our personal incomes and at the cost of our peace of mind simply because we can't turn a blind eye to distressed animals. But our resources are on the verge of complete exhaustion implying the end of PAWS.

How would this money be utilized?
This is a detailed list of expenditure:

Construction of kennel sheds including enclosure, electrical wiring and concrete flooring : Rs 70,000
Construction of deep tubewell for water supply at shelter: ₹35,000
Cages for 30 dogs of Sterilization cases : Rs 1,50,000
Construction of shed for doctor’s chamber : Rs 20,000
One refrigerator for medicines storage : Rs 15,000
Autoclave for Sterilization of surgical instruments: ₹45,000
Surgical instruments : Rs 16,000
Fans, lights & electrical fittings : Rs 20,000
Hydrotherapy tank for paralysed dogs : Rs 18, 000
Construction of dog bathing sink for 4 dogs: ₹6,000
Overhead water tank and tower structure for water supply, including plumbing connections: ₹20,000
Dressings, disposable syringes : Rs 10,000
Pelletized dog food : Rs 30,000
One potable toilet and bathroom (for 24x7 staff)  : Rs 35,000
Dog floor mats, beds : Rs 7000

About me 
I am a Research Scientist with a PhD in agricultural chemistry, a Fellow of the Nartional Academy of Agricultural Sciences (the highest apex body of agricultural scientists in India), winner of the Lockheed Martin India Innovation Gold Medal for my innovations in environmentally friendly fertilizers. I am currently Director of a research instutie - Raman Centre for Applied and Interdisciplinary Sciences, Kolkata. i am very passionate about the environment and have numerous scientific publications in international research journals. I am a founding member of our NGO, PAWS, and have been involved with animal welfare activities even before its inception. 

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