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Niharika - The Only Hope In Your Hands

Niharika Hirani, a 7 year old girl, is suffering from Aplastic Anemia since the year 2012. During her course of treatment at Rajiv Gandhi Cancer Institute & Research Centre, New Delhi has been advised for Bone Marrow Transplant. The family has already lost two of her siblings due to the same disease at a very young age of 13 and 14 respectively; therefore they cannot go for the sibling matched allogeneic transplant.
The estimated cost for the bone marrow transplant with the prevalent condition, and if we are able to find a matching Stem Cell donor from India, will come around Rupees 15 lacs. The family belongs to extremely lower middle class, her father; the sole bread winner runs a small cloth shop in partnership at Indore. Two kids of the family have suffered from the same disease in the past and did not survive. The parents have therefore exhausted all their savings and funds available to them from different sources.

The condition of the Niharika is very critical, and often needs platelet and blood transfusion which leads to more frequent hospital visits, hence severe financial burden. The annual family income is Rupees 1,50,000/- which clearly states that they cannot afford the cost of her Bone Marrow Transplant, hence we need funds to support her treatment at the earliest.   

Generally, stem cell transplant day is a day of celebration and a new beginning for a family but sadly, Niharika might miss this important milestone, due to the unaffordable cost of transplant.

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21st March 2017
Dear Supporters,

Despite our best efforts, we were unable to save Niharika. This was a time for us, as a team, to reflect. When our crowdfunding campaign did well, we were relieved that the treatment could proceed as planned.

But as in Niharika's case, money, or the lack of it, is not always the biggest problem. A suitable donor needs to be found in time. The graft must be successful and the patient must recover. We asked ourselves what we could do for the thousands of children like Niharika, who need urgent bone-marrow transplants to survive.

Genebandhu has been conducting donor drives to collect and analyze cheek swabs from the public. This will allow us to create a large database of Human Leukocyte Antigen (HLA) types that can be searched for a potential match with a patient. The HLA type between a donor and the recipient needs to match for good chances of recovery. Each HLA typing costs $70 and to create a large-scale database, we need financial help. We have already registered 10,000 donors towards this initiative.

Niharika’s family wishes to utilize the money raised for her treatment for typing the donors we have in our database. This will facilitate us to help several other Niharika’s. Niharika’s father Mr.Vinod Hirani wish to save the lives of thousands of patients like her. 

To enable us to use the funds collected for Niharika’s treatment; we humbly request you to divert your donations towards this endeavor by Genebandhu.
Genebandhu is a registered NGO and all your donations will be eligible for tax exemption under section 80G.

However, should you seek a refund of the amount donated to Niharika, you can withdraw the funds by replying to this email and cc


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God Bless..

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All the best !!!

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God Bless you Niharika!

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please don't include my name. I want to be annoymous

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God will definitely save Niharika. Please have faith in him