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Help Naveen to solve global challenges through MIT Bootcamp2018,Brazil

As Shri.Ratan Tata quotes -
"Young entrepreneurs will make a difference in the Indian ecosystem."

I am a 25 year old youth entrepreneur from Karnataka recently got selected to attend MIT Innovation and entrepreneurship Bootcamp to be held at Rio De Janeiro, Brazil from July 28 - Aug 3, 2018.

I come from a family which lived on less than 2 dollar per day. Whatever I am in life right now is because of my god’s grace, parents love, teacher’s blessings, well-wishers support and my hardwork. This sponsorship to attend MIT Bootcamp will boost my career to a great extent by giving me adequate training, guidance, mentorship and networking to help solve grassroots social challenges in India through innovation and entrepreneurship.

Five Bootcampers of past MIT bootcamps were selected for Forbes 30 under 30: Leonika Sari, Class 1 (Healthcare & Science), David Anderton, Class 1 (Media), Nasir Yammama (Class 2), Karan Jerath, Class 4, (Energy), Keiana Cavé , Class 4 (Energy).

I was selected from an outstanding pool of applicants based on the selection criteria: capacity for calculated risk, open and critical thinking, initiative with follow-through, and focus on community. MIT’s mission is to educate students in science and technology to best prepare them to solve the world’s greatest challenges.

At MIT Innovation & Entrepreneurship Bootcamp, MIT is dedicated to provide us with an education that combines rigorous academic study with the excitement of discovery, support and intellectual stimulation in an intense immersive experience. We will be pushed to our limits, inspired, challenged and supported by our peers, MIT faculty, students, mentors and alumni from around the world. It will be a lifechanging experience.

Program expenese are:
Tuition fee to be paid to MIT - USD 6000
Flight(Cheapest) - USD 2500
Accomodation in Brazil - USD 1500
Total = USD 10000

USD 2000 has to be deposited before April 3, 2018 to reserve my place and rest USD 4000 before June 28, 2018.

Help me to empower others through Entrepreneurship by solving global challenges at MIT Bootcamp and replicate them in the form of Startup in India and also to strengthen my present startup to impact lives in India and across the world.

What I can give back to persons/organisations for sponsoring me for this bootcamp -
(1) Promote sponsoring person/organisation during the Bootcamp at MIT, by talking about their initiatives/programs and impact.
(2) Distribute their goodies/merchandise to the most promising entrepreneurs from across the world!
(3) They'll be featured as the Sponsor in the blogs/articles I publish regarding my experience at the MIT which will be read by youth and professionals worldwide.

I have spent all my savings I had to bootstrap my two start-ups and self publish a book for youngsters of our country.
The first Startup I found is Changemakers Development Expertise in August 2017 which works to design social impact strategies, help achieve global sustainability and provide CSR consultancy to corporations. It also got recognised under start-up India initiative by government of India. Three programs till now through this startup are:
1.      Personality development session for B.Tech students of UAS Raichur, Karnataka in August 2017.
2.      Celebration of National Farmer’s Day through educational activities on Dec 23, 2017 at CAE Raichur, Karnataka.
3.      International Rural Development Immersion Camp in partnership with NGO – Lok Sahbhagi Sansthan at Jaipur, Rajasthan going to be held from April 16-20, 2018.
The second startup I am launching in April 2018 is an education startup named - YouthShapers. Its mission is to:
1.      Empower youth through giving them access to knowledge about various opportunities around the world and help them shape the future.
2.      Engage youth to achieve Global Sustainable Development goals (SDGs).
3.      Create a global network of youth, youth leaders and young changemakers.
The book I have self published in September 2017 is - My Career My Future: A Knowledge Capsule for youngsters. This book contains information about various fellowships, scholarships, jobs, exams, Resume writing tips, Group Discussion and Interview tips, about start-ups, opportunities for engineers, medicos, young graduates, how to self publish your book, study abroad guide, ideal student life overview, some personal career advice to youngsters etc. 90+ copies of this book have been sold on Amazon kindle. I have given many giveaways and free sale of book through Amazon kindle. I have earned very negligible royalty from this book as my main intention of this book is to empower youth with knowledge of right opportunities for their career and future and not to make any money.
My idea for my new Agriculture Startup – Digital Kisan, had been selected in top 3000 ideas for Smart Fifty - 50 solutions to Transform India by IIM Calcutta Innovation Park in association with Department of Science and Technology, Government of India in February 2018. Digital Kisan will be an online platform where farmers will be registered as members and an Annual membership card will be issued to them free of charge. On becoming a member they can avail of various benefits like free training for using smartphone including Digital Kisan app, Banking procedures (Financial Inclusion), Agriculture Input and Market connect, Agriculture Experts and Veterinary help etc.
I was also selected as a youth leader for Global Partnership Summit (Indo-Japan) held from December 11-14, 2017 at New Delhi for framing Alternative Development Model for our country to combat development challenges.

Also, currently as a fellow for AIF I am working in a remote village called khoraladkhani in Jaipur district of Rajasthan on promotion of women farmer’s producer organisation.

1.      My Book link on Amazon -
2.      My startup link - and works done till now
3.      International Rural Development Immersion Camp April 2018 that my startup is an organising partner and which I designed for this NGO.
4.      My second startup on education (link to be active from April 2018 on its launch) -
5.      My profile and blogs of my works in this NGO as an AIF fellow
6.     My LinkedIn profile -

Details for direct bank transfer / UPI payments

Bank Account details:

MIT Bootcamp Impact report
MIT Bootcamp Impact report
My startup recognition
My startup recognition
My third start up idea selection
My third start up idea selection
MIT Bootcamp Acceptance letter
MIT Bootcamp Acceptance letter

Details for direct bank transfer / UPI payments

Bank Account details:

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