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Thank you for sparing out time from your busy schedules and giving this a read. Rest assured, this initiative is not limited to personal gains but can be read as more of a thought- transformation project for everyone.

This is a teenage girl, trying to make a difference in the world. As regards my background, I am enrolled in a biotechnology course in the engineering program of Delhi Technological University, situated in New Delhi, India. I am extremely enthusiastic about influencing people's minds in terms of recognizing different means of human lifestyle and also about the different tactics biotechnology can make use of, to do that.

Today, all we talk about is how we need to develop sustainable development goals in our modes of living; little realizing that sustainability is not a luxurious concern but a primary need of human lifestyle. Well, all said and done, I have been accepted for Harvard Project for Asian and International Relations (HPAIR)a 5 day conference, where we shall be discussing about prospective solutions to the problems that we, humans have created. HPAIR conference is one of the most prominent, professional, high-quality conferences tackling about the most important social, cultural, political, environmental & economical issues in the world. I have been selected for 'Energy & Environment Sustainability'  track, and hence bestowed with an opportunity to put the environmental concerns we all struggle with, to limelight.

As the creators and brand ambassadors of the complexities of modern lives, the onus is upon us to face them and if possible, conquer them. It is a dangerous path that we are heading towards, a toxic track to irreversible damages. Unless we wake up and let the realizations of history sink in, it's difficult to say if even, the crisis can be resolved.

I think my ideologies and perspectives are vital to the forthcoming discussion, and hence, I request you to help me in reaching out to the platform. Monetary limitations have killed many dreams and a lot more hopes, but as they say, hope is the only thing stronger than fear. Hereby, I call out to all those people who believe in hope, and help me reinstate the belief. I am not seeking out a platform for publicity, but a platform to exchange ideas which can change the world for the better. Again, not a personal endeavor, but an effort to make humans more humanitarian.

You can help me out in several ways:
  • Donate: If you think you can make a financial contribution to my goal, please do. Even the tinniest amount can help. Every drop, and so every penny counts.
  • Share: If you think my campaign is worthy, I'd request you to share it extensively. It'll be a great deal of help if you could connect me to any of your friends who could help me out.
  • Connect: If you're aware of any NGOs/ Companies/ Organisations who might be able to fund my campaign, that will be the best help ever
Drop a message on my facebook account, and I'll share more details about my campaign and my vision with you. I am sharing the original copy of my acceptance letter to the program and also the recommendation letter obtained from the organizers. Please give it a read.

With as less as INR 200, you can be a part of the change, and help me make a difference. This is a call for everyone who believes in me, or my ideas to become a part of not my, but everyone's journey to transformation. Every drop, and so every penny counts.

If you have any queries/ wish to reach out to me, feel free to write to me at or as above stated, drop a personal message on the Facebook account.
Acceptance letter (HPAIR)
Acceptance letter (HPAIR)
Financial Support Letter
Financial Support Letter
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22nd June 2018
I'd like to thank everyone for their support & contribution towards the campaign. More than that, I'd like to appreciate the trust and faith bestowed upon me through the gestures. 

Well, the campaign is not about me trying to seek candidature for a conference, but as I also previously mentioned, is about me trying to make humanity all the more humanitarian. Let's face it, we're all greedy, and driven by avarice. We all want to mint money and bag a secure ever after life, like they show it on the movies. We want to lead a lavish, luxurious, resourceful life, little realizing about the other face to it, the deadly face. Ladies and gentlemen, Delhiites and residents of other metropolitan cities will know what I am talking about. They'll also understand the gravity of the circumstance when I say- Environment Sustainability is the most pressing issue of the 21st century. The point is, we know, we're aware. We know the pool of shit, we're all into. We're aware of the toxic consequences that follow. But, do we do anything?

That's the answer I want to change. I'm not saying attending or supporting conferences like these is the way out, but it's the first step. Recognition is always the first step, and hence recognizing and promoting platforms which genuinely cater to pressing issues like these, is the first step to a transformation.

Again, I'd like to raise a heartfelt thank you, to everyone who supported the campaign. This way, it's all of us, working towards building a brighter future for all of us. I mean, isn't that what we humans are here for, helping each other and living together?
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