This Single Mother Of Two Needs A Liver Transplant To Stay Alive

I am Manisha Kadus, 40-years-old, and suffering from End Stage Liver Disease. Doctors say that I require liver transplantation surgery to survive and it will cost around 20,00,000/- (Rupees Twenty Lakh). I am a single mother and have 2 children. I'm the only support they have, and I cannot come up with the entire amount for this surgery. I am ANM nurse, currently working in PHC (Primary Health Care Center) at Shrigonda and my monthly income is only around Rs. 10,000. Please, help me.

I live in Shrigonda with my family. My parents, brother, sister-in-law, their children, my son and I live under the same roof. My 20-year-old daughter is now married, while my son is studying 11th standard. My husband and I are separated, and he has not even supported us financially for a long time.

5 years ago I met with a major accident, and we bore all the expenses with great difficulty, especially since I could not work and my children also had to study at the time. Recently, I had a persistent fever and had to be hospitalized. They ran a lot of tests and finally diagnosed me with End Stage Liver Disease. Although we tried various treatment options, I am left with only one that can save my life. I need a liver transplant, and I need it soon. 

"Manisha's job is not steady. She does not have to go every day, so whenever she gets time off, she works in the fields for daily wages. She is very determined to create a good life for her children, and has always been a good mother, someone they could always count on for support." - Ajay Kadus.

Even now, when I am in pain sometimes, I cannot stop going to work or slack off. I need to earn my living. I know I should survive for my children. All I have ever done is for them. This is why I want the surgery. With some savings and help from relatives, I will be able to contribute Rs. 3,00,000 towards the surgery.

I request your help for the rest of the funds. Any contribution would help me reach the desired cost of surgery.

"Apne jab paraaye ho jaate hai, tab paraaye apne lagte hai." This is why I am reaching out to you.

Your contribution can save this single mother fight to survive.
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Estimation letter
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11th April 2017
Hello everyone,
Manisha is currently stable now, resting at home. Waiting for suitable cadaver Liver and funds. She requires transplant as early as possible.
Thank you so much for your generous support. I'll keep posting updates. kindly share this campaign with your friends and ask them to support this needy mother.
Thanks again.
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Wishing the Single Mother a speedy liver transplant and long healthy life.