Kasper Will Not Walk Again If He Does Not Get A Surgery

23-year-old boy, Son of a Coolie Will Not Walk Again If He Do Not Get a Surgery

Kaspar Raj, a 23-year-old is the youngest in his family. He was pursuing a degree in catering. His graduation was much more to him than a mere degree. He would have been the first graduate in his family and on him rested the entire family dreams. They all believed strongly that only Kaspar could bring an end to the family’s poverty. But an accident has left him bedridden and shattered everyone’s dreams.

I am completely bed-bound. I stay shut up indoors and rely on mother for everything, including using the toilet

Kaspar didn’t know that day would change his life. He was on his way to the college to submit his assignment on his friend’s bike. It was then that the dreadful accident took place. He was hit by a vehicle that came from the wrong direction and the bike fell on his legs shattering his thigh-bone.

It was just a few kilometers away from his house and his family quickly came to help him. They thought that a cast was enough to heal the broken bone and did not take him to a hospital fearing an operation and the expense. But their beliefs failed them miserably.

To see my son unable to walk is the most painful thing on earth - even more than childbirth

Kaspar’s mother did not understand what the doctor said. Kaspar had a malunited-fractured femur, and all it meant to her was that he could not walk till his bone was once again broken and set correctly. His condition is so serious that he will need a surgery to re-set his bone.  

Now, Kaspar’s mother really regrets not taking him to hospital at the right time. She is even more broken knowing that it is her fault but she cannot afford the surgery. Now Kaspar’s thigh is swollen and one leg had become shorter than the other. His mother has to see her son cry in pain at every movement.

Even if all four of us work day and night, for a whole year, we will not be able to raise the money needed for surgery

Kaspar’s parents and his two elder brothers are daily-wage workers and on average their family’s income is 12,000 per month. This is barely enough for the family of seven. It is impossible to save 2 lakhs – the amount needed for the surgery – from their income.

Kaspar and his family are struggling to come to grips with what had happened to him. Amidst the tragedy they continue to work daily to earn money to feed him.

How You Can Help

Kaspar’s debilitating condition has put his education on hold. It was like all the family’s  nightmares rolled into one. He is longing to continue his studies, support his family and live a normal life. Your contribution can help him get a surgery and walk again.
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28th May 2018
Dear Supporters,

Thank you for the wonderful support that you have shown towards Kaspar. He is doing better now compared to earlier and is able to walk around. He is also able to do his daily activities.

He still has a little pain every now and then and the doctors suggest that he will be recovering from it with time. At present, he does a few exercises at home to strengthen his muscles.

Thank you all once again for all the support. Would request you to please pray for his speedy recovery.

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Wishing him a speedy recovery. Currently absolutely facing lot of resource crunch otherwise would have contributed more amount.

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Get well soon

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Let him become well soon.

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Kaspar Raj get well soon.

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