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Help Kannan Krishnan for Integrated Animal Care Centre @ Auroville
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Help repair and rebuild Animal Shelter before rains.
Integrated Animal Care Centre (IACC) is a dog shelter in 2 acre land in Auroville, in Tamil Nadu, South India. At the moment we have 70+ adult dogs and many many puppies. A large number of our resident dogs are from "puppy dumping" outside our gate or in other parts of Auroville and the bio-region. Every new animal who comes here is treated symptomatically, medicinally and emotionally. Some recover to live with the groups and some live isolated from everything. Many young to adult dogs have been found dumped in far away forested areas, so that they may not find their way back. Many animals have been abandoned at a stage when they needed medical care and showed signs of distress due to health conditions, weather, pregnancy or just when the puppies started growing up and were not cute anymore. We tend to calls to collect or give medicine to such animals in distress which we do with our limited manpower and resources to try to bring as much relief as we can.

Our goal is to re-home an animal into a loving and a caring home.  Those who will remain at the shelter are cared for and fed for their lifetime. No one wants to take home an adult or an old dog. All the animals are sterilised, vaccinated and dewormed and they are cared for on a daily basis by a dedicated veterinarian and a team of amazing workers, volunteers and sometimes visitors. All volunteers work here out of love and dedication to uplifting the cause of a respectable animal life. Our dogs live in a free one big, happy pack with a few unsocialized or weak animals in large enclosures for their own wellbeing. IACC is a no-kill shelter and we do not euthanise an animal unless it is very sick or suffering in old age. Veterinary care of the IACC animals is provided by our dedicated veterinarian, Dr Kavitha.
Since its inception in 2005, IACC has looked after countless stray, unwanted and abandoned animals in and around Auroville. IACC has organized (and in many cases, paid for) more than 2500 sterilizations of both male and female dogs, vaccinated countless animals against rabies and other dreaded diseases, adopted hundreds of abandoned puppies and found homes for many of them in Auroville and the surrounding villages. All this is made possible only due to donations from our supporters and visitors and their contributions and engagements.
We are very thankful and grateful to all our benefactors and donators who make it possible to continue caring and working by supporting us in many ways. We are hoping to generate more resources to approach this task through education in the local schools, organised visits to the shelter and other ways of spreading awareness of animal care and public health. Please stay with us. It is a continious work and  we cannot do it without the support and engagement of our benefactors. Thank you.

Our resources are prioritised between fooding, medicals and infrastructure  and others.
    • Repair of the roof of the hut housing the kitchen and Clinic. Changing from 10 yr old keet roof to permanent sheets. Estimated cost Rs 120,000
    • Repair of the other leaking roofs used as sleeping spaces and protection from heavy rains and sun. Rs 97000
    • A new sheet roof for newly arrived/ rescued puppies and dogs who have to be in isolation in the beginning. Rs 5000
    • Repair of the leaks and holes of the fences are our top priority for safety of the animals. The fences are 10 years old and have rusted at places which break easily.
Entire change of fence with a new robuster fence of 450 meters, 6 feet in height will cost Rs 200,000. This will free some acrobatic dogs who are locked/ chained up.
The old fence material will be used for enclosures.
    • We hope to make new gates/doors which are safer for some escape artists. 9 gates.  Rs 10800
We are a 'free-moving' Shelter: enclosures are important for isolation and protection in cases of skewed group behaviours and medical needs.  
    • We need to arrange a better clinic for our regular use and be better equipped for treatment of out-patients. These are not only dogs, but cats, goats, cows whom the villagers bring to show to the veterinarian.
Currently we have a surgical table and few donated kitchen cupboards.
    • We would need more storage space and a refridgerator to keep vaccines and other cold-store medicines. We would like to create a humane waiting area for the sick waiting animals in shade when they wait for the veterinarian to see them.
As of now our urgent need to repair before the monsoons come is
Rs 432,800

Life of materials in tropical countries moves faster and need maintenance more often. We try to keep up with the pace.

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