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“Is This Going To Kill Me, Amma?”Asks Jithin Who Needs A Liver Surgery

Jithin is 12 years old. He is the most hyperactive child you would ever meet. I’d say he has invisible wheels attached to his feet, never stands in a place for more than few minutes. He is always up to something. And that’s how we all knew our son until everything changed a week ago. Now he is in the ICU with Acute Liver Failure. My son will pull through but he needs us to believe in him and he needs a liver transplant as soon as possible.

Can you imagine what it feels like when right in front of your eyes, your son is thrashing around screaming, “Sister, My stomach is bursting! Please do something! My stomach is bursting from the inside!” My wife and I were standing by his bed side. His eyes were open, but he did not even see us and he was calling out for a nurse. He was being tormented by pain.

People in the village of Kanjhikode, Palghat, know me as Chandra, the lorry driver. I am blessed to have a lot of friends in the community to help Jayanthi (wife) and I get through this situation. It happened so suddenly that we are still reeling from the shock.

He is from a financially low back ground family.His father is a Lorry driver. Mother is a housewife, lives in a small house in kanjikode,Palaghat district.  He has an elder brother who is studying in 12th standard. The cost for the transplant is approximately 16- 18 Lakhs.

Jithin is in a limbo right now. We are doing our best to keep our child alive. When the moment comes, we need your help to make sure he gets his liver transplant. It is the only thing that can help him survive. The cost is estimated between Rs. 16-18 Lakhs. We cannot afford this, and we need your help.

He is just 12 years old. He is a boy who can do wonders with the kind of talent he has. He never shows any weakness. Please save my son.

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29th June 2017
Dear All,

We do have some good news to share. Jithin came to us with acute liver failure. His disease had worsened to a stage where liver transplant became indicated. That is when we assessed his suitability to receive liver transplant and his parent suitability as potential  Donor.

He was treated medically whilst preparations were being made for the transplant. Fortunately he responded to treatment and his liver recovered well enough to not require a transplant.

A small proportion of Patients with acute liver failure in whom transplant becomes indicated recover with medical management and Jithin was one of those fortunate ones. Both Jithin and his parents are relieved that he has recovered well.

Thank you so much for coming forward to help this little one.

Dr Mathew 

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Get well soon

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Get Well soon Jithin. All the very best.

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Get well soon, Jithin

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Hope he recovers soon. Wishing a speedy recovery.