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"She Says I Do Not Want To Live Anymore" Please End My Daughter's Pain

For 8½ years my daughter has been in pain. Born without urinary or rectal opening, life has been terrible for her. She cries, "Leave me! Let me go!" because she is tired of the surgeries and tubes that she is stuck with. 

Havishaashri is our only daughter. My wife, Suganthi, and I were the happiest when she was born. Within seconds we realized that our world changed. She did not have a hole to pass urine or motion. They rushed her in for a surgery the same day to perform colostomy. For years, she had a bag to collect her poop and a hole in her tummy. 
A year or two later, when she got older, the doctors performed another surgery to reconstruct her anal pathway. They did not close the one in her tummy. As time went by, she began to have a respiratory problem. They were afraid to proceed with another surgery as she could not take anesthesia. The hospital said I'd need to take her abroad to save her. Finally, an expat doctor came and worked on dilating the collapsed tract for 2 years after which she began breathing normally again.

"She keeps crying and waking up every night asking us to check if the tubes are in place. She is afraid that if any of those tubes in her urinary or vaginal tract slips, she may have to go through more painful surgeries."
Around this time, they performed a surgery so she could urinate normally and said they could revisit the genital reconstruction later. After a urogenital mobilization on 4th March, we took her home. Everything seemed fine to first and then she had fits.

"Of her two kidneys, only one is now functional. All this has given her infection. Since the day she was born, we have been hoping every minute that she will be cured, but that day never seems to come and our troubles seem to be increasing!"

The seizures complicated her situation. She would not eat. She was treated with IV fluids, antibiotics & parenteral nutrition. She also underwent resection & anastomosis for intestinal obstruction. Now though we are feeding her through a tube in her stomach.
"We are awake all day and night to make sure she is fine. At any moment she can just slip into a complication."

Havisha has been in the ICU for a long time. She needs hospitalization for 2-3 weeks until her health is stable.  Until today the expenses excluding medicines came upto Rs. 1.9 lakhs. The total hospital expenditure excluding medicines may cost upto Rs. 3 lakhs. I spent Rs. 2 Lakhs for the first surgery. Then I had to sell everything we have to treat her. Now we are struggling to buy her medicines.

"Daddy, please let go of me. Please sister I don't want to be here. Let me go!" These are the words of an 8-year-old who is sick of pain and suffering. 

You can end it by gifting her a better life.
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Estimation letter
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13th June 2017
Dear Supporters,

Havishaashri has been discharged from the hospital. She & her parents were happy & they will be coming for follow up. The total hospital expenses are 1.96 lakhs. She will need one or two minor procedures during follow-up. The rest of the money collected in her campaign will be used for her repeat admissions. I would like to thank all the donors who had contributed for this campaign.

-Dr. K Ravikumar 
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Recover soon!

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