Help Fogman-Pathare Eradicate Dengue

Two minor girls died of dengue near Immanuel's home in Gavi Mohalla in year 2017 and that triggered his fogging work.

“I was very sad by the untimely death of the girls and that too due to dengue. The mosquito menace is huge in my locality and the city corporation could not fog the area effectively. I wanted to do something therefore took the initiative in my hands and by the help of Deshpande Foundation who allowed me to use a fogging machine of their’s, I started this work of fogging by myself.” - Says Immanuel

There are 1.3 billion people in the country and with trillions of problems. While few complaint, some more crib but there are very few who take an initiative in solving the problem. It needs guts, deterioration and a sense of belongingness to the society. Immanuel Pathare, is a leader without a team to lead. A last bencher who always pulled himself back from answering in the class or share his idea thinking there are people far better than him, joined LEAD through an orientation program in his college. While all others took a step back he decided to use the opportunity. Right then, Hubli witnessed 900 plus cases of dengue. That's when Immanuel came up in the avatar of 'FOGMAN'. A boy who weighed 55 kgs lifted 40 kgs fog machine and fogged the city.Everyday thereafter, he wakes up at 4am and goes about fogging every nook and corner of his locality.

 “I also asked for help from corporation officials, but in vain. If the corporation fogs around each house, we can eradicate deaths due to mosquito born diseases.”

Immanuel began fogging some slums of the city, in October last year and has covered a population of 1.25 lakh till April. After writing his exams in June he will resume fogging ‘operations’. He hopes to cover the entire six lakh population of the twin cities of Hubli-Dharwad.

Good work always pays. Today his initiative has not just helped Hubli, but this idea is adopted by Belgaum, Bijapur and other districts as well. He is an example of transformation. You do not need a team, all that you need is an urge to serve the society. If you have that then there is nothing that can stop you.

Thanks to his selfless service, Immanuel, a first year B.Com student at Fatima Degree College, has a shot to begin a movement against Dengue. People around here fondly call him the ‘Fogman of Hubballi’.

How you can help?
To carry on his selfless work he needs support from the community like ours. There is a need of 6 lakhs for the upcoming fogging operations in which he will be covering a large demographic of both the city of Hubli-Dharwad. Every bit of your contribution will help us support this noble cause.


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Bill Payment Fogging Machine
Bill Payment Fogging Machine
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28th June 2018
Dear Supporters,

We are thankful for your continuous support in making this initiative successful. Recently, Mr. Vishal Hasinal our previous sponsor has agreed upon providing us with Herbal-Chemicals worth rupees 1 lakh 80 thousand which will not only help to cover more regions of Hubli-Dharwad but also, it being purely herbal, doesn't pollute the environment as well.
As the season of monsoon has started taking it's toll, we need to be more aware ever than before.I urge everyone of you to raise the concerns about Dengue-Menace in and around your area and ask people to take protective measures so we together can fight this problem.

Akshay Gupta.
19th June 2018
Dear Supporters,

Thanks for your continuous support. Our friend Immanuel Pathare has already resumed the Fogging process in and around the slums of HUBBALLI-DHARWAD. You can check the recent progress here.
We would also like to update you about the chemicals worth rupees 25 thousand we received as a donation from Mr. Vishal Hasinal, a local vendor who cares about the Dengue menace and believes in our mission. We hope that everyone realises the intensity of the dengue menace and help us in carrying out this mission.

Akshay Gupta.                                                                                                               HERBO-SPRAY BOTTLE
15th June 2018
Dear Supporters,
We take this opportunity to thank you for your continuos support in raising funds for our friend IMMANUEL. He is selflessly doing this work and is trying to reduce the dengue menace in his city.

The season of monsoon has started in the regions of HUBBALLI-DHARWAD and our friend will  yet again go around the slum area of his region before anyone could possibly be held hostage of this dangerous disease which generally takes life of these poor people who can't afford the operational costs. "Prevention is better than cure", and this is what we are relying on.
We ask for your support so that the equipments necessary for fogging can be bought by us and eventually we do not let any other person die. Please share this message across your community because if we do not want to see the change who else will!!
Thank you,
Akshay Gupta

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