Mother of 10-Month-Old Baby Needs Help To Recover From Serious Burns

“My mother found her in the bathroom – unconscious and clothes stuck to her skin because of the burns. When she woke up – she didn't think of her own pain. She thought she would die and her baby would be alone. The doctor had to give her medicine to calm her down.”  – Gagan, Chaithra's brother

Chaithra had gone to her mother's house for her son's delivery. Close to 6 months after the child's birth in April, she had seizures in the bathroom. She tried to hold the bucket of hot water for support and ended up pouring it on herself. She passed out due to the pain and has been fighting a painful battle against infections since then.

With this accident, Chaithra's world changed for the worse
Chaithra had come to her mother's house in Bhagamandala from Madikeri where she lived with her husband. Chaithra had started enjoying spending time with her baby. The accident happened just when he had started to sleep through the night and started to play with his mother. Overnight, the happy family became a desperate, struggling one.

“We rushed her to Mysore first and then brought her back home to a hospital in Bhagamandala. The hospital must not have been careful because her burns became infected here. We then took her to Mangalore where she is kept sedated and is slowly recovering.” – Gagan

Chaithra with her baby boy BhavanChaithra keeps asking to see her baby but she has to get better first
After multiple surgeries and almost three months in the hospital, very slowly Chaithra is getting better. Her skin is healing, but there is still a risk of infection. Until her skin heals itself for another month, she needs to be under constant monitoring. Since regaining consciousness, her only thought has been to see her baby.

“She was in so much pain that she kept thinking that she would die. She used to cry and tell us to take care of the baby. Now, she keeps asking us to bring him to Mangalore so she can see him. He will not be allowed in the ICU. Once she is better and out of the ICU, we can take the baby there.” – Gagan

Chaithra's husband's family has refused to bear expenses of the treatment
Chaithra's grandmother is taking care of the baby at home, while she gets better in the hospital. Chaithra's husband is unemployed and his family has refused to take care of any medical expenses. Her father is no more and her younger brother has borrowed heavily to keep treatment going for the last three months. He is struggling to continue treatment till Chaithra is ready to come back home.

How you can help
With Chaithra's condition getting better, she is now keen to get back home to her baby. Despite her family wanting to save her, they are finding it very hard to continue treatment. She is still very vulnerable to infections and needs hospital care to survive this terrible accident.

Your contribution can save a 10-month-old baby's mother.
Letter from doctor of Father Muller medical college and hospital
Letter from doctor of Father Muller medical college and hospital
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24th July 2018
Dear Supporters,

Thank you for the support shown so far. Chaithra's treatment is still ongoing. We are withdrawing some funds to pay the hospital for the treatment so far. At the moment unable to provide bills.. we will upload bills immediately once the treatment is under process.This amount will be utilised for the process of removing the bandage from the wound,dressing,, medication and further procedures including room and bed charges.It is estimated that each dressing of the wound including medication would require Rs.13-14 thousand rupees.

Thank You,

10th July 2018
Dear Supporters,

Heartfelt gratitude from our family for the generous support pouring in, through your donations and wishes.
Until now,only through the donations,we could afford for the treatment  so far....The treatment has resumed back from monday..
Thank you donors for your kindness..we are indebted to you always...
Thank you very much donors for your generous response...Few of them are anonymously donating funds..i thank each of you for your support....please circulate this campaign,post them on FB or share it on Whatsapp to your friends and everybody...we need your help and support for the surgery and treatment...

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