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1-Year-Old Has A Hole In Her Heart And Needs Your Help To Survive
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My baby has only seen pain since birth. She is constantly crying and we cannot do anything to distract her. She is losing her childhood, while we stand still and watch her writhe in pain. We are helpless due to our financial circumstances. I am a farmer in Solapur. I work for other people on their lands. We have a hand to mouth existence. How do we arrange so much to save our daughter? - Manjappa, father 

She was born with a large hole in her heart

1-year-old Baby Shrisha is a familair face at hospitals. The hospital staff can often be found playing with Shrisha in their free time, as the child, when not in pain, is a delight to be around. Diagnosed with Ventricular Septal Defect (VSD), Shrisha has a hole in the wall separating the two lower chambers of the heart.  

As the VSD opening is large in her case, she may breathe faster and harder than normal. If left untreated, over time, the defect could cause permanent damage to the lung blood vessels. To close the gap between the chambers of her heart, Shrisha needs to undergo surgery at the earliest.

One moment it feels like everything is normal, then in the other, it's as if someone has kicked us to our heels. My husband and I are here with our child with no source of income to get us by. So far, we have managed to pay the hospital only Rs. 2,000. We have to arrange for at least  another 6.5 lakh rupees. How does one arrange so much money? We don’t even have anything to sell. All our friends are no longer acquainted with us because they worry we will ask them for more money and not pay them back. We are at the mercy of kindness of the strangers at this moment.” - Manisha, mother 

Doctors insist it is the right time for her to undergo surgery

Closing a large VSD by open-heart surgery usually is done in infancy or childhood to prevent complete damage of lungs later. Shrisha, has been sick since birth and so far, has been treated with medicines. But now the doctors are pressing her parents to get Shrisha urgently operated before the situation gets even worse.  

We know how important the surgery is for our child. Which is why we are here despite all our hardships. But the fact that lack of money is putting my child’s life in danger gives me sleepless nights. Even her crying feels like a boon to us now. Atleast she is here, with us. We don’t leave her side unless we have to. The child needs to know her parents will do everything to keep her safe, even if she doesn’t understands it yet,” Manjappa, father 

This family needs your help

Shrisha’s father is a farmer in Solapur, and hardly makes INR 100 to 150, on a good day. Manisha, her mother, is a homemaker. The little girl deserves a happy and care-free childhood like everyone else. Her parents are running pillar to post to arrange money for her life-saving surgery. 

Your help will greatly aid in baby Shrisha’s survival.

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