This 5-year-old May Die Of Internal Bleeding Without Liver Transplant

“Every night when I carry him to bed, I notice that he’s gotten weaker. He’s now 12 kgs, and his weight is only reducing. Every day seems like his last. One moment, he’s vomiting blood, and the next, he’s lying unconscious. He’s become so fragile. His body is now giving up on him, and there’s only one thing that can save him now, but it’s beyond our reach.” - Mala, Aadhish's mother 

Little Aadhish’s childhood has been spent either in the hospital or being sick at home. He hasn’t seen a world beyond the pain of the severe liver disease he’s been living with ever since he was a 6-month-old baby. Unlike other children, Aadhish can neither play, nor go to school. Even the little treats that children enjoy, like eating chocolates, are alien to him. Aadhish’s liver is a 100% damaged and without an urgent liver transplant, he has little time left. After spending lakhs on his treatment already, Vishal and Mala are now helpless.

Each day that he goes without a transplant, he's pushed closer to death

Aadhish has a condition in which the veins in his liver are blocked, causing extremely poor liver function. It’s been 5 long years of struggle for little Aadhish. In the past few years, he has been admitted in the ICU innumerable times. Hospital beds replaced the comfort of his mother’s lap, and regular tests and scans made his life miserable. His parents have done everything they can to get him the best possible treatment. Unfortunately, his liver disease proved to be stronger than any medication. Only a new liver can save his life now.

“He’s not scared of injections or hospitals because he thinks this is all there is to life. But sometimes he sees children playing and asks me ‘Mumma, when can I play on the cycle like that?’ and I have no answer. We have tried every treatment and procedure possible, and now we’re at a dead end. He's not just throwing up blood, but he has severe internal bleeding. My baby will bleed out without treatment.”

His parents are running out of time and money to save him – Aadhish needs the transplant in 2 weeks

Every morning, Mala and Vishal reluctantly leave for work in the morning, leaving Aadhish with his grandmother. As much as they want to stay with their sick child, they know that without money, they will never be able to save him. However, despite their best efforts, Mala and Vishal are falling short on funds and time. Aadhish needs the surgery by July 22 or he will not survive.

“Every time I get a call from home, I wonder what bad news it’ll bring us this time. I wish I could stay with Aadhish all day, but his medical expenses are more than what we can afford now and we have to pay off our loans as well. Every other week he’s in the hospital, and every month he’s admitted to the ICU. That costs us 1 lakh every time. We’re trying very hard, but there’s nothing more we can do.”

How You Can Help

Vishal and Mala have already spent nearly 13 lakhs on Aadhish’s treatment so far by taking loans and borrowing money. Years of medical expenses have left them exhausted – mentally and financially. Aadish needs 16 lakhs to get a liver transplant, but they have nothing left to save him. The little one has two weeks to get the liver transplant. Aadish can only have a life free of pain with surgery, and only you can help save him.

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Endoscopy report
Endoscopy report
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5th July 2018
Dear Supporters,

Baby Aadhish is doing well now. He is not bedridden and he is active.
The doctors are suggesting that he may undergo the transplant by the end of this month and his mother has been matched as a potential donor.

The pre-transplant procedures will begin soon. I'm thankful to each one of you for the love and support which you have shown towards my son, please keep praying for him.

Thank you,
Mala Sukale
8th June 2018
Dear Supporters,

Thank you for the wonderful support that you have shown towards my son Aashish. He is doing better now compared to earlier but is still a little week.

His nausea has reduced and he has lost weight and blood. The doctors suggest that once he recovers from it they will be performing the liver transplant.

I would like to thank you all once again. Please do pray for his health and speedy recovery. Will keep you posted.

31st May 2018
Dear Supporters,

Thank you for your love and support.

 Master Aadish has been vomiting blood which is bringing him to the hospital repeatedly. Today (31st May'18) also, he is admitted in Apollo Hospitals, Navi Mumbai to manage his critical condition.

We are all hoping for his recovery. Please keep supporting and praying for him. Thank you all once again, shall keep you posted.

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I wish little fighter a speedy and complete recovery

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Get well soon son... God bless you...

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