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Anitha is alive due to the mercy of strangers. Help her walk again.

Anitha has been physically challenged since  a very young age.

Anitha had been living and studying with her disability for a very long time now. It was with immense pain and difficulty that she cleared the 11th standard. Her mother makes rotis at home and sells these at hotels.  She earns hardly Rs. 4000 a month.

She lost her father 7 years ago.

Her brother does not contribute anything to the household. He dropped out of school a few years back and rides an auto. He has clearly refused to help Anitha and his mother.

Anitha has been diagnosed to be suffering from Neurofibromatosis with Scoliosis and Plexiform Neurofibroma.

Around four years ago, her spine started to curve. She realized that it would be difficult for her to survive independently in the coming days, hence a surgery was done and a rod was inserted.

Unfortunately the rod broke and the deformity has progressed

Hence she has been advised to undergo Revision Spinal Surgery to remove the broken rod and refuse the spine with extended instrumentation. This will help her walk comfortably and the deformity will be partially corrected.

The cost of the surgery is estimated at 5 lakh.

She has managed to get around Rs 2,00,000 through an insurance company that aids the physically challenged.  She still needs Rs 3,00,000 lakh to fund her operation.

"I have relatives, but the most they have offered us has been a cup of tea. I have received no help from anyone who is a relative. From blood transfusions to financial help, so far it has always been outsiders and strangers who have helped me most."

Anitha still believes that unknown people and strangers would help her get back to her feet. Let's keep the hope alive!

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26th February 2017
Dear All,

Thank you so much for coming forward to help Anitha. Her corrective surgery was a successful one with minor blockages. Nevertheless, Anitha fought her way out till the end.

She underwent the surgery on Feb 8th 2017 and a couple of days later she was again operated for the re-adjustment of the implant. In the view of a prolonged surgery, Anitha lost a lot of blood and her blood pressure remained unstable. She was immediately transferred to MICU (Medical Intensive care unit) for post-operative care.

At MICU care, she was administered with blood transfusions, vasopressors, antibiotics and other supportive means. Gradually the medications were stopped as she remained stable and was shifted to a general ward for further observation.

After few days of shifting her to the ward, the post op X-ray showed that the rod had disengaged from the screws. Hence a re-adjustment of the implant rods was performed. After the successful surgery and a couple of more days under observation, Anitha was found stable and was discharged from the hospital.

She has been advised to avoid bending, squatting, heavy weight lifting for 3 months. She would also need regular review check-ups with the doctor.

Thanks to everyone who made it possible :). Because of your generous contributions and wishes, Anitha’s condition has now improved and she can get back to her normal life again :) .


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God bless you for the speedy recovery