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Ongoing support for Gaia Grid

Calling friends of Gaia Grid!

With your massive support so far, we have been able to

1. Finish working on a small shelter on the land
2. Create contour bunds totalling more than 500 metres
3. Create water catchment ponds that can hold more than 2,00,000 litres of water, but more importantly help recharge the ground water
4. Start planting trees
5. Host participants who help with the conservation efforts 

Additionally, your contributions have also facilitated the day to day operation of the project for which we are immensely thankful!!
These small steps help us physically realise the dream of a self-sustainable future. 

We are creating this page to facilitate continued fundraising for Gaia Grid so that our work may go on and enable more individuals to contribute their time and energy to conservation work.

If you or anyone you know believes in the work we are doing and would like to contribute, we would be thrilled! 

Your contributions continue to enable us in managing our day to day work and slowly but surely help grow Gaia Grid.

Goes without saying that we continue to share regular stories and updates from the land!

Lots of love! 

Since we started in November 2016, we've constantly hosted participants and worked one step at a time toward our goal of self-sustainable living. We've received the unconditional love and support of super generous souls and that support has enabled us to carry on with our work. Here we share some pictures from the land that will give you an idea of how it looks now, after 6 months of work. We’ve already started bringing back a lot of rainwater to the ground and restore the green cover. In addition, we’ve planted numerous trees and have established a vegetable garden. We finished construction of a tool room, which for now doubles up as a shelter. In the coming months, we would continue working on the conservation work and funds permitting, excavate a bore well to enable us to have permanent supply of water. Our catchment ponds and water conservation structures would continue recharging the local aquifer. We are also on our way to be power efficient with the installation of our first solar panel that’ll be used to light the farm and will also enable us to charge phones and laptops when required. To continue supporting us, please consider making a financial contribution and visiting us on the farm! We hope you enjoy the pictures and we would love to hear from you!!

1. Catchment ponds we dug before monsoon are now full !!!

2. A view from the top of the land, another catchment pond filling up with rain water

3. A small vegetable garden we created

4. More camping spaces coming up!

5. Many hands make light work! 

6. Cabbage, okhra, spinach - from our very own vegetable garden!

7. Back when we had started working on the tool room roof. Now it doubles up as a shelter!
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13th June 2018
Dear family,

Monsoon is here! This year we had pledged to plant 400 trees and so far we've planted 308. By the end of July we will achieve our goal. We've also created additional garden beds that have started producing melons, pumpkins, spinach, tomatoes, strawberries and many herbs including basil, dill, and thyme.

We've also made a new pond that will enable us to catch rainwater at the bottom of the land and started working on an eco-friendly shower space.

I am attaching some pictures from the past weeks for those who haven't seem them on our social pages already.

Much love as always

25th January 2018
Dear family,

This past month, we've seen more activity on the land in terms of our impact and the number of volunteers than ever before. The numbers keep rising steadily and so does our scope of work. As many of you know we received the very prestigious Pollination Project grant to help us with our work. We've also actively started the next phase of our work which is to focus more and more on small raised garden beds that would enable us to start growing more food. This past month alone, we hosted more than 50 volunteers and guests, mostly through word of mouth from fellow travelers. The trees that we planted over the past year look healthy and their growth is steady. We still don’t have a permanent source of water but we are hopeful that it is only a matter of time until we had our own water supply.

We wanted to take opportunity through this update to thank you all for your support so far and invite you to consider sharing our fundraiser one more time to enable us to start working on a volunteer dorm space that could accommodate the additional volunteers we’ve been hosting. A larger space would enable us to not only host more participants but also greatly increase our scope of work.

Our fundraiser link is the same as always:

Sending you all love and deep gratitude!
19th December 2017
Hello hello!

I wanted to share a short but very very important update.

All our hard work over the past year is beginning to get noticed. We recently received a very prestigious grant from The Pollination Project - a seed grant that funds small communities and initiatives such as Gaia Grid around the world on the basis of historical work and the change making potential it holds. We are very blessed to have the love and support of all of you and now with more people and organizations noticing the work, I am sure we will grow stronger as a community and in our capacity to create further positive social and environmental change. Thank you for your continued faith in us and for spreading the word about Gaia Grid. 

Sending hugs and love from cool Kerala,
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