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Help us set-up two libraries in rural Rajasthan for first geneartion learners.

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What are we fundraising for?

in brief -

We are fundraising to establish two libraries in the Panchayt Sakroda of district Udaipur in the State of Rajasthan, India. The people in general and the students in particular are first generation readers. These libraries can prove to be good support system for the communities development as a whole.

in detail -

Spending time with different communities during the course of the Gandhi fellowship, we have noticed that generally people don’t know how to read and if they at all do they do not go beyond certain newspapers. There is complete absence of the reading habit in the people. Also, just to be more sure for this particular project, we did a casual survey with the people asking them if they would like to read different things on different subjects, thereby exposing themselves to the world outside, and to our surprise most of them responded postively. However, these village people in general or students in particular hardly have access to anything where they would sit and read on different subjects. In schools too, the students are confined to rote learning from limited number of textbooks which hardly adds any value to the human inside. These two libraries will provide people with varied literature, which invariably will lead to better exposure, better understanding and therefore better outlook.

Where these libraries are going to get established -

In main Sakroda Village there is community building in which an extension program by Janardan Rainagar Vidyapeeth (Deemed) University to train females of that particular village and the nearby villages is run. These females are given various employable skills which include sewing, beautification, etc. This center has vacant rooms where they have agreed to establish the library.

The other library (talamagri Village library) will be established in a house donated by a generous villager and its caretaker will be a person from the village itself. The community is very close knitted one and they have taken upon themselves to sustain it as they want something interesting happening inside the remote village for their children.

The sustainablity factor - 

For sakroda main village library
- We have given full emphasis on how this library is going to sustain itself. The library is going to get established in the center which has been running for decades now, so the in-charge of this center has taken upon himself to oversee the library and to promote it by all means. He has also promised to hold monthly reading melas in the village through this medium of library.

For Talamagri library - The caretaking of the library will be done by a person from thevillage itself, who wil get payment on the monthly basis from the membership money the library wil get. This library in particular will be looked after by the community as well as a commited teacher from the vilage school.

Who are we? 

We are Abdul and Pradipta, met in this wonderful Gandhi fellowship program, which works for the betterment of government schools. We have been intervening in schools for close to two years now. We believe that we sustain on the relationships that we make in this roller-coaster ride of our life. In that regard, we have been able to be a part of the communities that we go in for our interventions in tribal schools. We wish to do something for the community that remains even after we are gone.  

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3rd April 2015

Done. We have been able to achieve the target we set out for. This has been a great journey. We are already on our way to utilize these funds for the great use. First set of books have already come. For rest the orders have been placed. We will keep you updated as we go forwarded in making this project a great success.

15th March 2015

The meeting was nice today... a lot of people including the elected representative (Sarpanch) came and we were able to raise Rs 14900 from the community itself... And we were able to collect all of it in just 20 min. We are pretty hopeful now. 

11th March 2015

Thanks you all for being so generous. We have generated quite a good amount of money in one day. Everything is set for the libraries. Only what we need is funding. Continue to support.

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