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Help Us in Buying Ambulance For Free Service To Rural Life's
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Need Rs.12,00,000
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    This fundraiser will benefit

    People of Doddaballapura

    from Bangalore, Karnataka



I'm Dr Raghavendra Sr an engineer, a business man by profession. The fundamental rights of our constitution, that is two things. Firstly, Fundamental Rights. Secondly, Directive principals. These both things dose not work in our society, it can be a state or any country. My main motto or cause to be a social activist are getting into these kind of activism is only because there is something called constitution which is existing, the problem is implementation part which is not happening because of that bureaucracy is corrupted, the politics are corrupted, judicial system is corrupted and the execution body is not working. So we want everything to get intact the only suggestion i find is our every youth has to be educated and need to have awareness about rural life. so i formed a forum. Human Rights Protection And Corruption Eradication Forum(2007).

Human Lives are important, a human right activist for injured, abandoned and abused humans in Bangalore Rural dist.
We rescue sick and injured poor people who has no support to reach hospital in time, provide them medical treatment in our Ambulance to be rehabilitated back to where they came from. Few people however, due to the severe nature of injury/aliment could not be released back and hence have become a permanent member of our NGO to the tune of 25+ people to provide shelter & day to day rescue operations are funded by a countable group of volunteers cum donors who have seen our work on a day to day basis.

Our Journey:
Started 2years ago when we were rescuing injured and disable people in our village carrying them to nearby hospitals and clinics, 108 ambulance doesn't support since that i got this strong thought to implement this mission. Waiting hours together for getting help on transport and reaching out to existing places for space & post operative care( We had no shelter, no rescue van, and rescues were completely self-funded). Determined to save as many people we can, with limited resources and increasing number of sick and injured humans, we felt the need to speed up the process by having an Ambulance of our own with basic amenities for people of Doddaballapura.
Through networking we were able to to connect with some wonderful dedicated people, now the pillars HRPCEF who have helped us financially and stood by us in our difficult times to materialize our dream of building a basic thought, We are blessed to have such a dedicated group of people supporting us.
What we have and do today:
We have come to conclusion making a systematic serve and extended our support to the public much better. We need 2 ambulances & our team consist of 2 drivers, 7 care takers, a visiting doctor( since my wife is a doctor this can be waived off) and we need to have one shelter if possible. We rescue between 10 to 18 injured humans on street every month and this number has been growing.

Besides helping us in rescue process our key volunteers have been instrumental in arranging venues free of cost which has enabled us to conduct 2 free medical camps in the last 1 year and we have plans to conduct these camps every year - on hope to keep our streets safe from diseases.

The recurring donations we receive from our volunteers group help us to cover a portion of our 2.9 Lakh monthly expenditure currently, though we are deficit by a huge margin every month.
Ranging from accident cases to blind, sick,old,spine injure, tumor burst, we have nurtured these ailing human to a complete recovery by providing them the necessary aid & assistance. We don't obligate any of our volunteers to work for this cause, infact we want to extend this service throughout the state.

We had amazing recoveries in our Experience which is the greatest factor towards our dedication and devotion of our lives towards people.
(visit our Facebook Page to know more about us.
Our pages also holds some of the many before-after images of my social services)

This FUND REQUEST now is to meet the need of the hour to help us serve our aged & ailing people with the need of ambulance so that they can have a better breathable space to spend their life in the society, thereby creating more space for on-going and future rescues.

For this mission, the overall expenditure we will incur is
The mission is begun and we are now in need of funds to finish the work.
Ambulance cost 650000
Interiors (which is need) in the ambulance 220000
Oxygen kit and medical emergency Unit 210000
Maintenance and Labor 120000

The most beautiful moments in life are when we experience the Joy in giving a new lease of life to the helpless people in need.
Your generosity & Kindness will go a long way to give these humans happy.

For further details please reach out to us.
Human rights protection and corruption Eradication forum, Bangalore.

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