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My father is suffering with Parkinson disease. Due to this disease he cannot walk properly. He has been suffering since the year 2010. At that time, the position was not so much critical as comparison today. All family members always with him. But the medicine which we were using from last 2 to 3 year was not control this disease. He cannot walk properly; talk properly even cannot control their body movements. When body start to shiver, then it is very much difficult to control it. After giving overdose of PESSITAIN, TEDOMATE-LS and PARKIN tablet ,he feels some relax but it’s just temporary for 4 to 5 hours. Whenever legs or arms start to shiver then , I hold shivering leg or arms tightly and try to control the body movement.  So I have decided to give new and proper medication to help him live a normal life.

A malfunciton or death of vital nerve cells of brain that leads to difficulty in walking, movement and coordination.
  • Rigid muscles
  • slow movement of body parts
  • Changes in speech
  • Stooped posture
you can check about this disease on this link

Latest Report of my father treatment and visited to Dr. Manik Mahajan(neurologist) and medicine prescription.


How I will utilize the fund raised ?
Pay Neurologist Fee and physiotherapy           20000/- (Per Annum)
(4 Visit in Months)
MRI  Brain                         13200/- (Per Annum)
(1 time in six months)
Medicine Cost                    36000/-(Per Annum)
(3000/- per months)    

Total Expense Required                69200/-
These are some expenses on treatment. You can also check the position of my father in video. So please support me because treatment is possible only with your help.
You can also contact me at 9855999891 and i will also send you the live position of my father on your whatapp number.

my gmail id is --->

Even a simple contribution of a 500 rupees will make a difference if a few people come forward for help

So its my humble request to all supporter please support and help me to give proper treatment of my father. I and you will collectively fight with PARKINSON DISEASE.

Ravinder Singh (Son)

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10th October 2016

Fresh Report of my father and visited on 9/10/2016 to Dr.Manik Mahajan (Neurologist).


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