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Two Way Road Trip From Chennai To Spain In Two Wheeler
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Need Rs.5,00,000
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    Sundar Rajan

    from Chennai, Tamil Nadu


Hi Friends,

I'm Sundar Rajan a 26-year-old, born and never left the Chennai till the age 24.

Everything changed the moment I started my hiking. I started hiking in many places. But that started worries to my parents and relatives. Thinking what will happen to me, They had a thought, something bad will happen to me, no one will be there to take care of me if something happens. And for few places, they don't want to me to go there because of the info they got about the places. But when I went to that places, it's quite opposite. I was welcomed.

Well, many will think Srinagar was a place where there is too much violence activity or that's what others said to my parents when I decided to go there. Despite the argument, I went to Srinagar. Just as expected, just friendly gesture. When I asked a place to pitch in the tent. They forced me to stay in their room for free and offered me food. But we think them the other way.

So I started traveling in my motorcycle to inspire. Try to break the stereotype ideas mostly. To prove that I will be safe even if I left in a place where I can't speak their language. And explore the world...(Just as Luffy in one piece anime. Pirate dreams... But, I'm not a pirate.)

This year(2018) on the march I started my journey alone all over India including the Himalayan region. I'm the one who can't speak Hindi, which is spoken in major parts of India. I traveled throughout all the states, slept in roadsides a few days, where I kept every belonging on my bike on the road. Where ever I go they just get inspired. I haven't got harmed anywhere. But got cared everywhere. Some place they will give free foods. In some states, they gave me a free night stay in their home to comfort the cold nights.

It took me 33 days to complete 11,000Km and cost me around 75,000 Rs. I have uploaded a few of my Pics from 2018 India trip.

This time I would like to travel from Chennai to Spain and will try to get back by road else will send my bike in ship back to India. Trying to break the stereotype about India. But this time I have a few more problems. Like I need to get Visa, must hire a guide in countries like China as per their rules, must book the hotels, pass for my bikes. This will cost me heavily. So I'm looking for others helps.
Travel Route:
Chennai - Myanmar - Thailand - Laos - Vietnam - China - Kazakhstan - Russia - Ukraine - Poland - Germany - France - Spain (If I can't return by my motorcycle I will get a flight from Spain and will ship my motorcycle else will continue road trip further) - France - Switzerland - Italy - Austria - Hungary - Ukraine - Russia - Kazakhstan - China - Tibet - Nepal - Back home to India. (Still checking and working on the feasibility)

Ways the fund will be utilized:
  • Getting the Visa for the Country that I'm going to visit
  • Bike pass. In places like Myanmar, I need to buy a pass for my two-wheeler. That will cost 200% of my two-wheeler. But mostly it will be refundable.
  • Permits, Both for myself and my bike
  • Fuel
  • A guide from government approved agency, Countries like China will allow self-driving vehicle only if they had government-approved agencies.
  • Food and stay. Though I like to stay in open. Not all countries will allow that. They need a clean itinerary and hotel reservation. So I have to planned to book in hostel or doms. To keep my personal expenses as low as possible.
I haven't planned itinerary fully. Will update my itinerary as I get more intel on it. I'm still collecting more information on the above items. I'm trying other sources for this trip.
A rough estimation for this journey will take 25,00,000Rs.

Looking for everyone's help for this journey to happen.

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