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Empower The Future - Play Your Part
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Remember those childhood days when you wanted to become a doctor?
superstar? or fly high like a pilot?
Remember the days when you went to school with all the energy and hoped to learn something new?
Remember those moments of happiness with a bright smile on your face when someone gave you a notebook, a bag, lunch box , a book to read or basic stationary ?
These are some of the things my kids don't have and might not get unless we help them.

About us, our kids and their community:

We are Meenu and Satyam from Teach for India who teach a class of 100 little dreamers in a low-income government school - GMPS Kadugodi.
We are “Bhaiya” and "Didi" to 100 curious 4th and 7th graders. My school GMPS Kadugodi, Bangalore is the part of the city dominated by low income families who struggle a lot in getting their basic needs met.
The occupation of most families is home based businesses (vegetable/fruit sellers, bike repair shops, drivers, carpenter, electricians etc ) which do not suffice their needs. Some of them have single parents and many are orphans and live in an orphanage.
The dreams of my kids are to become a policeman, pilot, doctors, nurses, painters, writers, actors and the list is endless. The most encouraging part is they are aware of their situations but they never doubt about achieving their goals, their spirit is as high as the sky and this encourages me to provide them the best of the best.
This way I am just an initiator and a guide to them, but with your help my dreamers will become achievers.

What will we do with your donation?

Below are the items (with their approximate cost) that need to be bought with this money.

Registration for theatre training7,000
Transport bus for Football and Theatre training16,000
Wiring for projector2,000
Class mic with speaker( 3 quantity)15,000
Story Books2,000
Conselling for kids30,000
Mic battery2,000


Why do we want a projector set?Here are just a few fast facts about the power of visuals:· 90% of the information we receive to our brains is visual· 93% of our communication is nonverbal·

Visuals go immediately into our long-term memory· We remember 80% of what we see, and only 20% of what we read

Why Donate?Our everyday cares, making a living, the crazy rat race of life, often make us forget the value of a good deed. Thus, the goodness that exists within each and every one of us is covered with layer upon layer of indifference and unawareness.
 In fact, we almost have to be reminded of the fact that goodness is there inside us. Throughout history, it has been the inaction of those who could have acted; the indifference of those who should have known better; the silence of the voice of justice when it mattered most; that has brought us to the state we are in.

We try escaping the problem and running away from it, thinking it would be solved someday. Hoping one day when you open your eyes the problem will magically vanish.

But wait, hope is being able to see that there is light despite all of the darkness and there can be hope only for a society which acts as one big family, not as many separate ones.
I have tried taking the first step for this hope and do not claim to be a change maker from the first step but yes I claim to be one amongst those who face the problems head on and try to find a concrete solution to them.

I claim to bring happiness on these kids’ faces when they would “see” a story or when they would learn by visual aids. And all this would be possible if you help this cause. Remember “Rome was not built in a day”.

 Whenever we talk about India's future, I think all of us agree that the one pillar that will make the maximum impact is educational equity. We all give money to religious institutions without asking where the money is going.
Imagine the same money going directly to help these kids with complete transparency. This is a chance to actually make a difference in India's future. This is a chance to make a direct impact on the vision we have for India and the lives of these 100 kids.

To make these students learn better and fill their learning with “Joy”, I want your support.

PS: We are open to donations in other forms like laptops, projectors, computers (old but in working condition), tables/chairs, story books (preferably in English) etc.

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