Daana for edu-action: The alternative way

Education –
It is about getting to know the world.
It is about getting the skills in order to dive deep into what we want to know.
Or maybe
It is about just extinguishing, relinquishing or reigniting our curiousity.
Or maybe….
And the definition trails on… For everyone it has a different meaning…
That is what I am going to seek this year. June 1st, 2018 onwards...

                                                                                                                                                     Edu-action - Education based on action
The questions that I propose to the world of education are -
  1.    What is work of education in a child's life?
  2.    Who creates that vision?
  3.    The sufficiency of chalk and board setup or the exam mindset? Do we ever face a multiple choice or chalk and board setup in real life?
  4.    Even the sweetest theory is inconclusive without experiential practical, and the grittiest experience is unfulfilled without the theory of everything.
    How do we balance that game of theory and practice?
  5.    The value education -
    Can it be taught through the mock education of today?
    If not, then How do we approach that?
  6.    The palpable, degrading state of non-delivering state of high-paced education is to be contained fast, for the young country of median age of 25 is rushing towards degraded consumerist capitalism.
    What are we going to do about that?
  7.     How to stop migration to cities and creation of workshops filled with servants (naukars looking for naukri)?
  8.     Can village be the hubs of sustainable economy?
    If yes, How can we create a sustainable economy in the village?
  9.     And how can our children use their knowledge to contribute into the betterment of the village?
  10.      And how can we create a replicable, scalable model of the same for the thousands of villages in India?
The immediate goal of the research
The creation/adoption of a curriculum, a methodology, an education philosophy and different learning materials would be the end goal of this research. Also, I would personally equip myself with skills, such as pottery, carpentry, handicraft, weaving, puppetry etc. to create a sustainable, creative education model that I can teach to the children myself.

As stated above the idea of a safe, sustainable, joyful, curious, and objective yet value-based driven and creative learning space  in a self-sustained rural community lingers in my mind.

Who is this fellow?
Dipon Deb - I am a small man. Believing in impact within one than scale, I am looking for finding the joy of learning in one child at a time.
With the wonder of Arvind Gupta's words 'the gleam in the eye', I am empowered by the simplicity of David Horsburgh, T.M.Narasimhan and Usha Narasimhan. I have taught for 4 years - 2 in Urban and 2 in Rural. The idea of education- Shiksha, bubbles in ideas of constructivism of Maria Montessori, John Holt or Gijubhai Badheka or deschooling of Ivan Illich or Nai Taleem of M.K. Gandhi.
But given my limited experience in the field of education, I have set my sight upon exploring education in its simplest approaches on the simplest environments.


And so this year I dedicate
- to finding and empowering oneself unfolding into an exquisite facilitator, of different learning processes for every individual child.

The support

A drop of help will go a long way

This is a personal endeavor to research into the possibilities into an out of the box yet pure and free education.
An educational research to find the connection between the possible ideological ideas and the practice of catering to the poor mass. I stipulate a time period of twelve months, wherein the entire cost burden of traveling all over India to these different places will be quite enormous. So, any support in any way will be very helpful.
As stated above, I have at least a total of 14 destinations and 6 personalities to visit.
The number should increase as more places and people will be added to it, as the journey proceeds through the year.

Also, the idea is to connect with people who are working/have worked with the idea of free education. Thereby, the high end alternative school and people involved with such institutions are not enlisted here.

Disclaimer: We are asking for only a quarter of the maximum expenditure (approx.)

Please donate as little as you can but then....
Please share the story amongst your connections.

1000 donations of Rs.100 can make it happen.

 Also, please do mention your name and contact details, so that we can personally thank you.

For any queries, please feel free to connect -
Contact Details
E-mail ID: deb.dipon@gmail.com
Phone No.:   +91-9830421602
Twitter: https://twitter.com/dipondeb
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/dipondeb
For more details on the research project, click here....
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20th July 2018
Here is a new write-up on our studies...

Nai Taleem - the basic education...
A strong word against the present education system. Are you ready for something different?

This is not the only picture of education...

12th July 2018
We thank all for their generous support.

Please keep supporting us.

Here is a sneak peek at our mind map on the model of creating a sustainable community.
28th June 2018
Here is our Map of schools -
Looks interesting.... Doesn't it...

And we are travelling to our first school on 22nd July, 2018.
Imlee Mahuaa School, Balenga Para, Chhattisgarh. Look at this amazing school...
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