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Fundraising to build a platform to help depressed and lonely victims. Please show your support!

I am Richa, an IIT guwahati alumnus. All through my life, I have seen people around me suffering emotionally. When I was preparing for IIT-JEE in Kota, A friend of mine, Ankit went into severe depression due to family expectations and intense competitive environment. Even after coming to IIT, I saw people suffering. One of my friend, Akshita (name changed) committed suicide due to anticipation of bad placement. but none of us had any clue of her suffering before she took the drastic step. I think this could have been avoided.
That’s when I realized there is a need for an emotional support system. When I started working, people around me were stressed due to job pressures and relationship issues. However, most of these people were not willing to talk about their problems fearing social implications and for the fear of being called mentally ill. This cemented my belief to fix this problem by doing something myself. With a team of like-minded people , I started It an emotional support system for people like you and me to anonymously discuss our problems with qualified and experienced individuals. We support people in every possible way we can - by making them comfortable, listening to their problems and striving to be the friends of those who need someone to talk to.
Research states that 20% of Indians suffer from depression and every 4 minutes a person commits suicide in India. Have you ever wondered why? If you look at people around you, you will realize a lot of your friends having problems, or times when you wished you had someone to talk to. When people are usually shy to go to a counselor to discuss their problems, they can anonymously chat (online/offline - text, voice, video) with counselors on D.O.S.T, get into peer-peer discussion, read self help and feel better.
We, with your support aim to provide an emotional support system to help people during depression and loneliness, thereby creating a stress-free society.
“We have successfully touched the lives of 300+ people and are determined to help all those who need emotional support. Currently, we our work voluntarily to help the people in need. The portal, developed by us, has the basic features and can support only limited number of people. Lately, with increasing awareness, we have been struggling to meet the needs of those seeking help. With every person we fail to support, we increase the risk of a drastic step being taken somewhere. This is our motivation to develop our portal so that it can handle the increasing demand and for this, we need to hire software developers at the earliest.

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i was thinking to personally meet a professional life coach or something because i was getting overwhelmed with my recursive thoughts but since i have you guys helping me... i think my search has ended here
(BTech Graduate, preparing for banking exam and struggling to find herself)
i am not going to give up...let life throw any thing on me
(Dejected, lost due to failure in exams)
seriously feels good, the work you guys are doing for others, hats off
I am so thankful to you for such an inspiring reply. Really a heartfelt thanks. I have already started working towards getting a job.

(Gay person feeling rejected from society, speaking to us at 3am and then again few days later)
Please join us in our initiative so that together we can help those who need our support and create a happier society”

Our Team

Richa Singh: Richa is the Co-Founder and Conceptualizer for D.O.S.T.
She has led the product development for webfluenz for 3 years - Now, webfluenz is ranked among top 15 social media analytics tool. In March 2014, Webfluenz got acquired by Mu Sigma, leading Big Data and analytics solutions provider.
She has also worked with D.E. Shaw & Co and o9 Solution in Interaction Designer and Product Management Roles
She is a graduate from Indian Institute of Technology Guwahati with specialization in user-experience design.

Satyajeet Nandekar: Satyajeet is the Co-Founder and Conceptualizer for D.O.S.T
He is also a senior software engineer at HCA (earlier Patientkeeper) USA. Prior to this he has handled product development in mocospace - USA, Oracle - USA and Atos Orgin - India.
He has done his Masters in Information Systems from Northeastern University Boston, USA
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1st April 2016
Dear Supporters,

I am Ibrahim, a Milaap Open Fellow and I recently met up Richa, one of the co-founders of YourDOST. As I entered the apartment that served as YourDOST’s office, I was immediately greeted by friendly faces. I waited while Richa came. All the rooms were occupied, so we had to move out of the office for our chat. Thanks to a new round of investments, Richa and team would soon have a new and bigger office in the near future.

Richa started by telling me about YourDOST and the work that they have been doing of helping people from all walks of life. The best part about the website is that you can take help from therapists and counsellors completely anonymously (anonymously says it all, refrain from using redundant content). This was a good step considering the social stigma associated with depression. “All of our founders had gone through something similar, and thus, shared a common passion for turning this dream into a reality,” said Richa.

They had clearly scaled up from the team of 2-3 people and a handful of experts which they had back when they raised their campaign on Milaap. Now, they have a team of 20 people and 100+ experts, and life coaches from different fields. “From the 300 people that we had reached after 2-3 weeks of starting up, we’ve now reached almost 80,000 people,” she told me with a broad smile.

Talking about the challenges that they had faced, she said “We knew very little about psychology and how counselling works. Also, this concept was very new and unproven, thereby drawing a lot of hesitation from our investors. Milaap was sort of our first validation.” Since then, they’ve managed to raise about Rs. 2.5 crores from investors like Phaninder Sama from Redbus, Sanjay Anandaram (Seedfund), and others. Thanking the 120 odd people who showed their support though Milaap, she says, “It feels great to be able to prove the faith that they put in us.”

The way ahead is rocky, but YourDOST shows no sign of stopping, hoping to reach out to more and more people. In Richa’s words, “We want to tell people that it’s okay to be human and it’s okay to be vulnerable. Depression can happen to anyone including people like you and me.”

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