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Help Deepansh & His family in their battle with a rare type of (WHO Grade 4)  Medulloblastoma Cancer.

This is his journey...
Deepansh is a 1-year-old son of a lovely young couple Sandeep & Sushma, Sandeep Works as an IT consultant here in Singapore, Sandeep is a single breadwinner in the family, They are a Happy, Caring & Fun loving family, Just this last week, i.e. 31st Of October 2017 they celebrated their kids 1st birthday here in Singapore with all the family members, just within a week their whole world came down crashing, with news of this rare type of Cancer.

 Baby started vomiting heavily and almost no food intake, Initially parents were not that concerned tried regular diagnosis by a GP, When the situation is not improving in next  2 to 3 days, They were immediately referred to a pediatric specialist in Raffles hospitals, from there for special pediatric care and extra investigation, Baby was shifted to the famous KK Women &  Children’s Hospital, The doctors at KK found it strange to have only vomiting without a fever or any noticeable injury to head, and initial test results were not good. Soon after, he was referred to a neuro specialist who immediately ordered for a CT scan.

After being referred to a Neurosurgeon for further assessment, Anshu (Deepansh) was immediately suggested for a surgical procedure to remove excess fluid in the brain and insert another tube in his brain to drain out the excess water. The pressure from the swelling of a tumour is also causing one of the pupils of his eye to be bigger than the other. Currently, Deepansh is on medication. However, the medication does not seem to be bringing down the swelling and the doctors cannot increase the dosage as he is still a baby. He is now under observation.
His Biopsy results were out today, A battle plan yet to be weaved: As per initial discussions, Deepansh needed to undergo Surgery + chemo right away, to shrink a tumour and, through the surgery, to eventually remove the mass.

Deepansh's CT and MRI Scan

Deepansh still in hospital after 5 days, and to fight this grave situation a single middle-class salary is not enough. The company insurance covered only less than a half portion of the initial(Hospitalization + Biopsy) $40,000 hospital bill. Through financial help from family, friends, and colleagues, his family was able to partly defray costs for Deepansh’s hospitalization. The family still has to bear remaining  expenses for further major surgery to the brain & Chemo and that could easily cost between $200,000 to $250,000 SGD

Consultation from the oncologist and biopsy results has confirmed medulloblastoma (WHO Grade IV), Deepansh’s rare cancer is an aggressive type and has very tough treatment process ahead, even after a successful surgery, Deepansh has to undergo chemo in different cycles with 2 sessions each cycle. Each session cost $6,500 excluding blood tests every session and PET scan every month. With these costs, Kids father Sandeep needed to max out his credit cards and sought financial help from family and friends to make ends meet, on top of his family’s other expenses.

Now Time is absolutely critical for Depansh.

Help Deepansh to continue being an Adorable Son and Center to his young courageous family.

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Brave Kid
Brave Kid
Medical reports
Medical reports
Hospital expenses so far
Hospital expenses so far
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7th June 2018
Dear Supporters,

Thank you for your love and support.

Below is the update on Deepansh's treatment:

For 6th cycle Deepansh was taken to Childrens Hospital of Philadelphia in United States, the neuro surgeon at CHOP has suggested for surgery and surgery was today (6-Jun) in US timings, surgeon was able to remove major portion of the residual tumor, they are testing the tumor to check the presence of active cells, initial test on a part of tumor has shown that it is dead tissue.

After he recovers from this surgery, 6th cycle will start, that will be high dose chemo with stem cell transplant.

Thanks everyone for your great support and prayers.

20th May 2018
Hello All,

Deepansh has completed 5 cycles of chemotherapy. There was an MRI done after 5th cycle and scans show the tumor remained the same as it was after 2nd cycle MRI, good news is it did not spread to Spine and did not increase in size. Deepansh is now in US CHOP (Childrens hospital of Philadelphia) for further treatment. We did not get any action plan from the Doctors here, we will keep updated on the treatment plan. Thanks a lot everyone for your contribution and prayers.

10th April 2018
Hello All,

Deepansh has completed 4 cycles of chemotherapy and is discharged from hospital on 9th April. He is doing better compared to earlier. The 5th cycle will start from Monday 16th April and will go on for 25 to 30 days.

Will keep you updated on the progress. Thank you so much, everyone, for your support & prayers.

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