Help Me Cycle Across India To Raise Awareness About Veganism

The 'All India Cycling Campaign' is all India public awareness campaign on veganism supported by Mumbai Animal Liberation League a.k.a. ‘MALL’ - a volunteer based community which regularly conducts awareness campaigns in Mumbai, to promote veganism for animal welfare, environmental and health related issues.

MALL is on mission to bring change into people’s attitude and behaviour, aiming for ending the consumption of animal products and the abolition of the use of animals for any purpose including food, clothing, entertainment, religious rituals, cultural practices, scientific experiments and research.

Rohit Ingle, the volunteer of MALL will be traveling all the Indian state capitals and popular cities across the nation on his bicycle to raise awareness on veganism - ‘The basis of ethical society,’ and promoting its benefits to human health, the natural environment and in achieving social justice.

The All India Cycling Campaign has 4 major objectives:
1. To spread awareness on veganism. It is given that majority of population is still unknown to the word ‘vegan’ and how it is different than being vegetarian.
2. To put light on the horrific conditions of animals living in animal agriculture industries.
3. To raise awareness about negative impact of animal industries on environment.
4. To promote health benefits of plant based diet.

Rohit Ingle is an active member of MALL who has always been vocal about social injustice. Over two years ago he learned about horrific conditions of animal used and abused in different industries through an article on veganism. Being an avid animal lover he immediately made the connection and took decision to no longer sponsor to the misery of animals and thus adopted a vegan lifestyle overnight. That one short article changed his entire perspective on life. Quoting his own words, “best decision of my life.”

For Rohit, just being vegan was not enough. He could not ignore the continuous suffering of animals. So, when he realized that the majority of people are still ignorant about the reality, he took a compelling decision to dedicate one year in educating people across India through this unique campaign, in collaboration with MALL.

Rohit will commence his 18,000 kms journey of ‘compassion and hope’ in October 2017, starting from Mumbai to Surat. While he travels across the length and breadth of India, he will connect and schedule/participate in awareness campaigns with the local activists from each destination. He will be residing at each checkpoint for 1-5 days to maintain maximum productivity then move on to next destination. He will follow this pattern to cover all major cities of India (as per the route map provided below), and is expected to end his journey back where he started - Mumbai, by October 2018.

Join Us:
MALL is calling on all the compassionate people and organisations to join this year-long awareness drive, starting this October.
Let us make a tangible difference in the lives of the vulnerable earthlings – with your help – through our All India Cycling Campaign: For Awareness on Veganism.

The Impact:
This campaign is the first of its kind in India - in interest of animal welfare. We are confident with aforementioned strategy. With proper execution, we expect to reach-out to a total of at the least 10,000 people with message of compassion within a year.

The campaign would lay the foundation to communicate the ‘why vegan’ message subsequently with much ease amongst Indian population through fitting media coverage.

The campaign will also encourage vegans from other parts of the country to participate and unite our fast-growing community network which enables us to work more efficiently towards one goal which we all fighting for - Animal Liberation.
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16th October 2017
Dear Supporters,

We are honoured to inform everyone The Pollination Project is funding part of our campaign. This means a lot, not only for the campaign, but to the non-human animals we are all trying to liberate.

Thank you to all the donors (my utmost respect to everyone of you) who came forward in all support, I assure you I'll not let down any of our non-human animals.

We are moving closer to the date of when I start pedaling on Oct 26th from Mumbai towards Gujarat. Till date we have collected Rs.1,04,400 including TPP's grant. We are still behind our targeted amount by Rs.2,65,600 I sincerely request everyone to keep supporting the campaign.


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