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Ritu is all of 10 years, but the little girl dreams of stepping into the shoes of Dr. Kalpana Chawla and studying engineering and science, as she passionately watches  the video where her inspiration embarks on the journey to space. She is a very curious and inquisitive girl reading whatever little books are available, which is pretty undersized. Unperturbed by these shortcomings, she intends to study really hard overcoming all the odds she faces around her daily, and dreams of becoming a scientist  and  bring laurels and applause to her parents and the nation.

Ritu  is just one living example, there are thousands of girls like her who are brilliant in sports, studies, extra-curricular activities like debating, writing,poetry,music amongst a host of others, but have to call it a day due to lack of resources in Government Schools and thus fall short of fulfilling their parents’ expectations.

Hi guys, I am currently working as a fellow with Teach for India who teaches a bunch of 42 fourth grade girls  in a South Delhi’s Municipal Corporation School. Teach for India, a project of Teach to Lead, is a nationwide campaign spearheaded by youngsters like me who envision making every Indian child literate and uprooting illiteracy completely.

However, with 6 months already into this mission, I comprehend that the chapter of hopes and ambitions of these girls is constantly withered and overshadowed by the long and inconclusive chapter of resources that are extremely petite, making their education nearly elusive. 

In this quest, I look ahead of setting up a small learning center, serving as a podium to empower these girls with education in the most comprehensive manner.

The total estimated cost of setting up the classroom equipped with all the basic amenities is an estimated Rs. 90000

With retro teaching fast being replaced by e-learning, a Projector is the foremost prerequisite. Besides making teaching faster it makes learning interesting for the kids, thanks to tools like Powerpoint, PhotoStory or other similar ones that assist in generating mind-boggling presentations making visual education a possibility.

It is a well-known fact that academic knowledge and practical experiences go hand-in-hand in conceptualizing one’s knowledge. An in-class library shelved with basic course and general knowledge books would definitely expand the theoretical knowledge of these children while short day trips to planetariums and museums would make them pragmatically wiser.

However, this plethora of information remains questionable unless rationally depicted in small in-school or inter-school level exhibitions. Classroom stationary would be needed in making such projects a living reality. Far-fetched debates on the banks of such visits and exhibitions would bolster the intellectual think tank of these students for which speakers need to be installed. This would make the debates more participative and attention grabbing.

Finally, these girls need to sit for National level examinations to prove their grit when compared to other bright students attending high-profile air-conditioned public schools.

To make these girls meet their life-goals while accessing their Right to Education I appeal to all my readers to extend a helping hand and donate open-heartedly for this noble cause. A small act of philanthropy on your part may prove a game changer, a table turner, and a pedestal for someone’s novel journey to a new horizon. Once  I receive the donations I will share my class activities and details of how we used the funds with you guys. You can just mea personal message and I will mail a scanned copy of the bills of purchased items to you.

Be the Santa this Christmas and celebrate this by just now opening your presents but your hearts as well . :) :)

Merry Christmas  and  a Happy New Year !!!

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17th February 2016

Dear Supporter, I am Boaz, a Milaap Fellow and Priya was the first champion I met and my respect for teachers grew even more after meeting her. She is a Teach for India (TFI) fellow in a girls school in Delhi. She heard about Milaap from other TFI fellows who have run successful campaigns on Milaap. Priya has been a fellow in the school for two years and teaches standards 3-5.

Priya teaching her students

Priya took me to meet her students and I had to introduce myself to them. They were asked to throw questions at me and I found them to be an inquisitive bunch. They asked me where I was from, what the people of my state did, a bit about Milaap and some more about me and my hobbies. They were confident, naughty children. But what struck me most was the comfortable relationship they shared with their teacher, Priya.

There is a big gap in education that children in a low-income school and a private school. She started the campaign aiming to buy a projector for the kids and play audio-visual aids for better teaching. But as the campaign proceeded, she realized she had to do more, if she really wanted to open her students’ horizons. She took the children to excursions, sports competitions etc., spending money from her own pocket.

A student giving a sweet smile

So she decided to put in place a learning centre, that operated after school. This learning centre will help younger students who needed to be brought up to form on the basics. For this, she will need space. She has a decent chance of the school letting her use its premises. If Priya can to increase her campaign’s target amount she will be able to run the learning centre for 3-4 months outside the school and cover rent and printing charges.

With the full amount, Priya wants to save some money the next year as well. She believes that the aim of TFI is changing things at the ground level and teaching is just a part of it. More funds will help make the circle of learning sustainable for a long time to come. They aim to train teachers next, linking them with NGOs that can support their training.

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