Chota  gallery :
Celebrate  children’s  imagination,  
Inspire  the  next  generation,  
Bring  communities  together
As  someone  who  works  with  so  many  kids  all  the  time,   me  has  always  asked  myself  why  is  there  no  dedicated  children’s  art  gallery  in  Bombay,  me  believes  that  it’s  about  the  status  of  children  in  our  society,  and  that  is  that  children  don’t  have  a  voice  and  a  say  in  the  cultural  parts  and  precincts  of  this  city  and  they  should  and  me  believes  children  have  a  lot  to  offer  us  as  a  society  if  we  just  give  them  the  opportunity  to  express  their  thoughts,  their  feelings,  their  aspirations,  their  worries,  if  we  just  give  them  that  opportunity,  then  we  actually  as  a  society  will  be  better  off  forward.
The  aim  is  to  have  a  dedicated  children’s  art  gallery,  for  children  to  express,  to  show,  to  have  their  works   curated  and  exhibited,  on  the  same  basis  as  adult  artists,  talented  artists  start  to  emerge  from  a  very  young  age  and  that  talent  needs  to  be  nurtured.
One  of  the  things  me  has  learned  from  collecting  children’s  drawings  and  paintings  is  how  very  important  those  ideas  are  that  children  create  and  how  excited  they  are  to  know  that  somebody  else  is  really  interested  in  them.  Let’s  have  a  public  place  where  the  general  public  can  come  and  see  children’s  art,  and  think  about  it  and  talk  about  it,  that  is  the  great  beauty  of  this  project.
We need                                                                            
INR 3,60,000  (INR 30,000 x 12 months) (space rent and maintenance)        
INR 3,00,000  (INR 25,000 x 12 months) (expenses for exhibitions and workshops)                                                                                  
INR 90,000 for initial infrastructure                                                   
INR 1,80,000  (INR 15,000 x 12 months) (space attendants)                      
In all we require INR 9,30,000 for the whole year.
You can see more of our projects at                                                                                        
also we are ‘dharavi art room’ on facebook,  instagram and twitter.                 
Or write to us at
If we are successful together, we will be celebrating the triumph of knowledge over anguish and economic struggle. We shall celebrate community effort over dispersion. We will celebrate the joy of coming together as friends and families over territorial limits. We will celebrate the voice of co-operation and the power of sharing.
Once again - thanks for your support!!!
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16th May 2019
Thank  you  to  all  who  have  contributed

We  are  using  the  funds  received  now,  to  put  together  an  initial exhibition,  introducing  people  to  the  whole  idea  of  Chota  gallery.

Thank you
Thank  you  to  all  who  have  contributed

We  are  using  the  funds  received  now,  to  put  together  an  initial exhibition,  introducing  people  to  the  whole  idea  of  Chota  gallery.

Thank you
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Rs.15,190 raised

Goal: Rs.930,000

Beneficiary: himanshu s info_outline

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