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I am fundraising to help the flood affected people in TamilNadu and their rehabitation
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Why am I fundraising?

The heaviest rainfall in over a century caused massive flooding across Tamil Nadu, driving thousands from their homes, shutting auto factories and paralysing the airport in capital Chennai. Also other coastal areas like Cuddalore, Kancheepuram, Pondichery are also badly hit by floods. Infact Cuddalore is almost 3x worsely affected than Chennai but it does not get as much attention and aid as Chennai does. The fund-raising program is to streamline monetary support from people all-over the world who cant help in person to the NGOs and communities who are working day & night all over tamil-nadu to rescue people and help them in rehabitation

What do I plan to do with the funds?

Basically there are many NGOs working across the state to evacuate people and provide them with basic support, so we want to collect the funds and re-direct them to the right NGOs to convert the money into amenities like food, water, medicines, shelter and hospital support


1. Open Kitchens - Buy Provisions like Rice, Dal, Vegetables etc for open kitchens set across the city.
Contact Persons -
Thanigai - +919551262220 (North Chennai)
Iyyappan - +919444915803 (Kolathur & Around)
We are trying to connect with More open kitchens

2. Partner with AISC to get basic amenities to flood affected people (
The AISC Chennai Flood Relief, have been contacted by three NGOs; the Emergency Foundation of India, Bhumi, and Annal Home for Children. They have a list of items that they need as soon as possible to help the people of chennai who have been affected by the rain. They have also created a donation system in which people have the ability to donate a variety of different products and/or goods to aid the people of Chennai in their fight for safety and shelter

Eventhough Cuddalore is more badly affected compared to Chennai, we have very less NGOs in action to save the people and their livelihood. Out of the 13 Blocks in Cuddalore district, 11 blocks have been affected by the floods. Among these, 7  blocks - namely Cuddalore, Kurinjipadi, Panruti, Bhuvanagiri, Keerapalyam, Kattumannarkoil and Kumartchi are severely affected by constant rains and flooding. We have identified a few such NGOs and trying to extend our support to them

1. Immediate Support by teaming up with Rapid Response and other local NGOs:
Rapid Response has been taking significant measures in bringing the people in cuddalore to saftey. (You can also donate directly to them Also we are teaming up with local NGOs and youths & friends network to provide food, water, shelter, medicine support for the people of cuddalore

2. Shelters Support by Habitat for Humanity
HFH India will respond to Cuddalore Flood situation from its core competency area of shelter and housing. The organization plans to support the affected communities with a two-phased 'Humanitarian and Shelter Intervention Program. In the initial phase, 2000 families in Cuddalore, Panruti & Kattummanarkoil blocks will be assisted with Humanitarian Aid Kits. In the second phase, Habitat for Humanity India will repair and reconstruct 500 houses in Cuddalore district. More Info here -

Pondicherry & other areas:
We are trying to get in touch with credible NGOs to whom we can extend our support. Will update once we find out or you can also help us by giving good references


1. How is the fund split across various regions
We will distribute the funds equally across all the regions for immediate support like Food, water, medicines etc. The money which remains after this will be given emphasis on Cuddalore region since the people stranded there need more of our help

2. Would I be eligible for exemption under 80G
For NGOs which provides the 80G form we will be able to get you the exemption. Please leave your email-id details and we should be able to mail you the exemption form

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