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I am fundraising to host a seminar on career counselling for my grade 8 children. Contribute today!

I teach an 8th grade class of underprivileged children in Mumbai. They have no exposure to the various educational and career tracks available to them after completing the SSC examination. Some of them may need to take up skills enhancing courses if they do not succeed academically. It is also important that their parents understand the options available for further studies. Their need to understand the minds of their teenager and how to support them during a difficult phase of transition to early adulthood. I have set up a seminar to discuss these issues with the students and their parents. The seminar is being conducted by an external faculty who is experienced in Vocational Guidance. The money will be used to meet the expenses of the seminar- payment to faculty and cost of hiring speakers, mikes and amplifier.
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3rd February 2016

Dear Supporters,

I am Ibrahim, a Milaap open fellow in Mumbai. I met up with Mr. Anand Subramanian a few days back to get an update on his campaign. The seminar was a huge success. It was conducted for around 150 students of class 7th and 8th students of a municipal school in Kanjur Marg. These students were being taught by Anand as part of his “Teach for India” Fellowship. Along with these students, their parents and siblings were also invited.

A career guidance company called “Growth Centre” was roped in to hold the seminar. The seminar for kids was great and the kids got to learn a lot. Now, after this first session, the kids were told to go inside and another session on “How to handle your adolescent teenager” was held exclusively for their parents. “This was an eye-opener for them. They had never met a psychologist before”, exclaims Anand. Everything the counsellor said about how a teenager behaves and rebels, resonated with the parents.

The kids reaped multi-fold benefits from this. Not only did they get exposure to various career alternatives post-SSC, they also got a peek into event management. “The kids took responsibility for everything from cleaning the halls, setting up the chairs, drawing up the posters and inviting people”, Anand says. The complete event including the discounted fee cost something around 14000-15000, so the rest of the money was used to buy books for the children.

Post this Anand also fundraised to sponsor some of these kids to attend after-school coaching classes. You can read more about it here.

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Hi Anand, Great job. Keep it up. Thanks - Taniya

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Great work, Anand . I saw one of the videos and its amazing to see these kids so enthusiastic to study. I am sure they will all do their parents, yourself , all involved and India proud ! Here's my bit. Sridhar

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