Can Each One Teach One ?

I have always been captivated by the phrase 'Each One Teach One' and believed in the power it had and the power of one helpful person. While today most of us might not have the time or reach to do so, unlike misconceptions, many of us can easily afford to put a child in school.
I met siblings Sana and Mehraj when I was teaching in Grace Model School (GMS), a low-budget high performing school. Mehraj was my student and Sana a grade higher. Mehraj is an extremely quiet child who is what you may call ‘socially awkward’. Sana is no less of an introvert but they are both very friendly and extremely kind. Their father has a road side scrap shop which barely lets ends meet at home. His two older children work with him at the shop since he cannot afford to send them all to school. The two younger ones are lucky to be able to go to school every day.

Mehraj and Sana are far behind their learning levels and have difficulty reading and writing. Nonetheless, they are among the most hard working, earnest students who are always on time to school, extremely disciplined and always open to learning. I have seen them take time off their lunch breaks to complete their sums and finish writing since they are almost always behind the rest of the class and are clearly aware of it and most importantly willing to work towards getting better each day.

In my last visit to the school I met Mehraj but Sana was not to be seen in her class.On enquiring with the principal, I was informed that things at home had gotten worse and their father could no longer afford both of their education. Hence Sana being the older one and the girl, now has to stay home all day every day, while Mehraj goes to school on his own. Sana’s years of hard work and catching up with her class has come to an end for now. I hope she does not believe all the hard work was all for nothing.
The sad truth is, the education they can receive is inexpensive, yet, many children do not get the opportunity.

More back story 
Two years ago, I taught in a low-income school in Hyderabad. Grace Model School has one of the most hard working Principal that I have come across in my few years of experience in the Education sector. I see innovative practices in the school every time I visit and see how much real learning is happening there - perhaps better than one that many of us received at expensive schools. The staff is dedicated in getting quality education to the students from under privileged backgrounds in the community. More and more students here are comprehending better and thinking critically as well as speaking fluent English. All of which is far-fetched in most budget and low-income schools.

In my recent visits to the school I have realised that many students have dropped out due to poverty at home, and understandably providing a meal is more important for their parents than sending the children to school.

My plan is simple. Get the drop-outs back to school for the next academic year, June 2017. And I need your help for this. If you can pitch in a part of the school fee, sponsor a child or more than one child- these kids do not need to stay home doing house hold chores or work in the nearby market.

My Next Steps

1. Gather sponsors and collect funds
2. Meet parents and guardians of the drop-out children
3. Set expectations (Around attendance and investment in learning)
4. Get the kids in school !
5. Use remaining funds to provide scholarships to deserving students sustain-ably

How Can you help?

1. Sponsor one child
2. Sponsor more than one child
3. Provide for books for the child
4. Donate any amount you may, starting at Rs.100! Every Rupee Counts

If you would personally like to be connected with the child, we will be glad to do the needed. And if you can be a mentor for the child, that would be great as well.
You can choose to sponsor the same child through his/her entire school life.
If you would like to sponsor and pay the monthly fee each month (very much encouraged), or for any query please write to me. (
Annual Tuition fee in INR 
(all Inclusive of 
exam fee & term fee)     
Text book and note book 
fee for 1 academic
 year in INR
Class 1
Class 2
Class 3
Class 4
Class 5
Class 6
Class 7
Class 8
Class 9
Class 10

Overall goal and envisioned future

Provide access to my network that allows them to take responsibility for one child’s year-on-year education.

                                             Can you teach one?
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10th June 2017
Hey Donors, Supporters, Sponsors and Well-wishers!

Thank you again for the support :) . Yes! Sana Begum is enrolled back in school with her friends! She is no longer working at home. Here is a quick snapshot of the work that has been completed so far. This is only a beginning - there is much more to do!

Phase 1:
* School drop outs in the community identified - 12
* Existing deserving students identified- 5
* Parent awareness and student awareness sessions conducted
* MOU signed with 17 parents to respect and accept the scholarships and the 5 criteria to sustain scholarships
* 17 scholarships including new year books fee and 12 months of tuition fee paid for.

This means, we have put 12 kids who were in the street back in school this year. All because of your support. An additional 5 students based on priority basis have been given the scholarships too.

This was Phase 1. In phase 2, we are using the rest of the funds for existing deserving students in the next level of priority to identify 20 students who need this scholarship.

All documents for verification of the usage of funds as well as the year long tracking of progress and performance of these students will be available online. Kindly drop an email to me to get access to the drive.

We are heading to Phase 2, and wish to see much more students enrolled in the program! Look out for further updates :)

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All the best. Keep up the good work. May Almighty be with us all.

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My donation is to educate one 10th std student for one year. May God bless them all...

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Pls keep this confidential

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