Books play a crucial role in the growth and development of a student. They contain large volumes of knowledge which helps in the overall progress of the society. The easiest way a student can access books, is his/her school library. Unfortunately many schools, especially the ones functioning under the Government lack such arrangement. 
 Hello everyone, my name is Jubeda Ali and I'm currently working with Gandhi fellowship in Churu district of Rajasthan. I work with four schools in Sujangarh block and while working with these schools I realised that the level of education and learning in these schools are very low. There are many students, some even in the 7th and 8th grade, who do not know how to read and write, also a general absence of learning outside of syllabus is predominantly found. 
  All these issues can be taken care of and addressed if an ideal library could be set-up. Students who are behind their level in reading and writing can spend some extra time in the library and learn these skills through story books etc. Students who want to learn more or outside of their curriculum or dig deeper into their subjects, can do so as well.
 The funds that I am seeking, is to help achieve the same. Some of the basic goals of this fundraiser are listed below:
1. The medium of language in these schools is Hindi, therefore all books written in Hindi need to be bought in.
2. Infrastructure: Book stacks, small ground tables, sitting cushions, projectors, speakers etc. is needed.
3. miscellaneous: library registers, colours, paint, charts etc is needed for creative learning.
   To achieve these goals I would request your generous contribution. Your help could go a long way in shaping the future of these students and the country eventually. No amount is small. Keep contributing.
Gandhi fellowship acceptance email
Gandhi fellowship acceptance email
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22nd August 2017

Hello everyone,

These are the first set of books, art supplies and other library related materials that I brought from Jaipur. Two out of four schools that I work with, do not have rooms for a library so we've decided to set up classroom libraries there. Classroom libraries include hanging library and pocket library.

 Hanging libraries are one where a line of threads/ropes are tied at a certain height in the classroom and books are pegged onto it using clips.

Pocket Library is the one where we make use of old clothes and make many big pockets in them so that books can be kept there and be hung at the back or front of the classroom.

 Therefore other than books I also got supplies needed for hanging and pocket libraries. The two schools which do have a library, we have decided to print rich the walls using various paintings and charts and the supplies for them has been bought as well.

As for the future plans, I am planning to get like floor roundtables and floor cushions so that the children can use the library as a learning space.

Charts like these have also been bought so that children can see and learn easily. It is also helpful for the teachers as they can use them as TLM's (teaching-learning material).

 One important thing about this campaign is that we focus on buying books only in Hindi as we work in Hindi medium Government Schools.

Thank You all for the support you have shown towards this cause. Continue to do good work.


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