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BDMS Helps Blood Recipients Find Potential Donors Around
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Hi friends.
I want you to recall that one incident in the near past where one of your friends called you or sent group watsapp asking you to donate blood as one of his friends/relatives has  met with a critical road accident and needs blood in emergency.

While in such cases where every moment matters,some patients are lucky enough to find a potential blood donors while others are not so lucky and the outcome is a loss of life.

Friends I want you to know one thing.If there a critical accident,I can’t help the accident you can’t help the accident.Somebody caught a fatal disease I can’t help the disease you can’t help the disease.Somebody loses life due to non-availability of blood where every minute matters ,you can help I can help.YES YOU CAN HELP I CAN HELP.

Talk about any locality,there are thousands of potential donors for every blood group yet people die because of non-availability of blood.

Lets take it little far
I want you to walk to a nearby hospital and ask the hospital administration a simple question and then come back and continue.

“Roughly how many people in the last one year have lost their lives just because of non-availability of blood when needed?”
If the answer is 1 we can save one life.If the answer is 10 we can save 10 lives and if the answer is 100 we can save 100 lives.TOGETHER WE CAN SAVE EVERY SUCH LIFE.

There above explanation similarly applies to people who have rare blood group as people belonging to rare blood group do not find donors easily.

Let me thoroughly introduce myself.My name is Priyesh.I am a social entrepreneur with a vision of setting up a BLOOD DONATION MANAGEMENT SYSTEM for saving every life that will otherwise end and  the subject matter will be non-availability of blood.This will be done by the means of an Android IOS mobile app and a website that will bypass the need and availability of blood on a real-time basis.And for me to convert my vision into a visible equivalent I need your help.PLEASE HELP
With your help I will be able to establish the below in a 6 months time frame
1)BDMS mobile app
2)BDMS website
3)Make the system up and running
4)Make the system self dependent capable of surviving in a long run 
5)Facilitate 75,00 blood donations 
6)Grow blood donation at the rate of 500 donations cumulatively per months

When i say I am a social entrepreneur let me clarify it’s a hybrid of a social cause and entrepreneurship or simply put entrepreneurship for social cause.
You should be under no confusion on the below
1)If a needy recipient needs blood in extreme emergency he pays nothing to BDMS
2)If you needy recipient needs the blood of a rare blood group he pays nothing to BDMS
3)If a general recipient needs blood, he pays Rs100 to BDMS to get the contact number of potential donors.
We charge Rs100 because we have to help many recipients and  in a long run and for that to happen we need to be self-dependent to sustain and enhance the system.

I did meet couple of angel investors for funding my idea but they rejected my idea as it did not smell business and why would they not?After all angels exist in Bible.

Ok so now let me give a little decomposed picture of Blood Donation Management System(BDMS).BDMS has 5 main components in it as provided below

A)Registers on the app with personal details,blood group,availability for blood donation ,preference
Availability as in instantly available,available on 24 hours notice,available on 1 week notice etc)
Preference as in for children,girl child,extreme emergency or general availability)

B)Updates the profile with donation history,availability,preferences etc
A)Makes a requirement for blood
B)See the nearby recipients(with blood group and distance)
C)Receives phone numbers of nearby donors with their donation                      history,availability,preferences through SMS for free in case of extreme emergency  and rare blood group or by paying Rs 100 for a general requirement.
 A)Communicate the presence of BDMS to the needy  recipients
 B)Encourages donors to register on the app
C)Will check the blood group of people for free or a concessional rates
4)Blood Donation Camps,Colleges,public places
 A)Prompt donors to download the app and make their profile
 B)Encourages blood donation if they haven’t donated blood
4)Social Media
 A)Facebook adverts will be run targeting people who have expressed interests in social activities,blood donations etc

A)Keeps the system up and running and expands the system
B)Sends notification in an event of accident or where a rare blood group is needed
 C)Summon blood with hospitals in case of extreme emergency
Supporting Documents
1)Proposed Fund Utilization
          Please go through the proposed fund utilization for the below
1)To find an exact summary of how the fund will be utilized
 2)To find a decomposed picture of fund utilization
 3)To find the long term prospects of the system
 4)To find the potential impact of the system in 6 months and thereafter
5)To find how you are contributing towards fixing the root cause of the problem
1)Price Quotes  from Webguru
Please go through the attached price quotes from webguru.WebGuru is the website and app  developer company which has provided the lowest prices quotes for the below
1)To understand the system more clearly
2)To understand how exactly the app and website will help the needy recipients
3)To understand what exactly BDMS can commit to you with 100% accuracy
4)To know what has been finalized as requirement between BDMS and webguru

If you have any suggestion or need any clarifications,do reach me out at 09792795543

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